Wondercore Smart AS SEEN ON TV

Wondercore Smart AS SEEN ON TV

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The Wondercore Smart As Seen On TV is a fitness breakthrough that will put you on your way to a stronger core and shredded abs. Whether you are looking to strengthen for a sport or tone for bikini season, this item is sure to impress. The Wonder Core Max exercise system is designed to provide a laser focus on your upper, middle and lower abs and oblique muscles for a well-rounded workout you will feel all over. It is a fitness accessory that no athlete should be without.
Wondercore Smart As Seen On TV :

  • The Wonder Core Smart is the revolutionary new fitness breakthrough
  • Designed to target your entire core
  • Works by focusing on your upper, middle and lower abs and obliques
  • Wonder Core Smart is so effective, it’s guaranteed to get you the strong and sexy 6-pack abs you’ve always wanted, or your money back
  • Effective home exercise system


  • works well; compact; easy to use; folds easily for storage;comes with excellent video
  • I would recommend this to anyone! Very easy to use, portable and really works. I was able to feel the “burn” the first time I used it!
  • My family loves this! It’s compact, easy setup, and worth the money. The resistance is great and the results vary, but you get them! That is what’s most important; results. We’re going to invest in purchasing two more. That way my daughter can take hers to college.
  • This is a great machine. I have only been able to use it a few times but I was sore after first use, I could tell that I had worked my core. I look forward to the results!
  • Worked well but had a hard time keeping it in place, slipped and moved on the floor. I added weight to the base. Space saving, portability, and ease of use are great.
  • Compact and light weight, easy to use and Walmart had the best price. Came in a very large box with to much packing, not necessary.
  • This product is very durable and has many functions to it. highly recommend to someone who has limited space but wanting to have something to do multiple kinds of work out.
  • I love this workout at home. It is easy, convenient, and helps get the body moving. The DVD that comes with it is an added addition. The full body workout with wonder Core is a must. Great machine
  • WonderCore is ready to go out of the box. After just a week I have lost an inch in my waist. I also use the WonderCore for my triceps. I like that it’s easy to store. I would recommend it to those just starting to exercise and also to individuals with a higher level of fitness.
  • Works great for older people looking for a little challenge, but I wouldn’t recommend this product to younger people looking for extreme results & a challenge
  • We have both used this a few times. We just got it recently. It seems to do a good job. I was surprised at how many exercises you can do with it.
  • I’m a 62 year old female. Bought this and was excited about it. Have used it 2-3 times and feel no challenge. Slamming out those sit-ups with no big deal. Have twisted the adjustment all the way up and all the way down to try to find my challenge point. Feels like the same thing to me. Trust me – I’m a wimp physically and I don’t find this challenging at all I threw away the box and honestly don’t want to return it – I just want it to work well and give me a GREAT workout. It feels like the highest high on the dial feels about the same as the lowest low. Can I return this without the bos? Preferably, I would like some instruction to understand if I am doing something wrong with it as I would love to use it. Hep?
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