Wilton Performance Pans Round Set of 2, 9 x 2 in. Deep

Wilton Performance Pans Round Set of 2, 9 x 2 in. Deep

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These Wilton Performance Pans, 9″ x 2″ Cake Pans, Round 2-Count, 2105-9108, are uniform in size and are ideal for making layered or tiered cakes. They release the baked treats quickly due to their anodized surface. This Wilton cake pan set is simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher for added convenience. The pans are a smart addition for the home or professional baker to cook with on a daily basis or more sporadically. A fun and delicious cake recipe is included on the back of the round cake pan package. The surfaces of baked goodies will be smooth and easy to frost. These Wilton Performance Pans, 9″ x 2″ Cake Pans, Round, 2 count, 2105-9108, heat evenly to cook brownies, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and more. Theses pans ensure that treats are cooked all the way through.

Wilton Performance Pans, 9″x2″ Cake Pans, Round 2 ct., 2105-9108:

  • Smooth anodized finish for easy cake release
  • Even heating for professional results
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recipe on back of package
  • Conveniently sized Wilton cake pan in a package of 2 for cooking multiple foods at once
  • Made of high-quality aluminum to give a long-lasting option to bake with, year after year
  • The silver color matches most existing cookware
  • Coordinate use with other items from the Wilton Collection to make stunning and delicious treats
  • Ideal for making biscuits, rolls, cakes and more
  • Line with parchment paper or another suitable material to prevent staining and protect the surface
  • It offers the durability and versatility to be used in a residential or professional setting


  • These mist be greased well. With that said, they are nice cake pans.
  • My wife bought these to bake my little girls cake. Nonstick as advertised, even cooking – great little pans.
  • I ordered this set of Wilton Cake Pans from Walmart.com. Picked up at my local Walmart at Site to Store. Since I love baking cakes, I couldn’t wait to try these out. First of all this set is large and will take two cake mixes for these babies. Each pan hold 5 1/2 cups of batter. I sprayed with cooking spray first. Preheated my oven to 350 degrees. Popped them into the oven. Baked for 45 minutes, or until toothpick inserted into cake comes out clean. Cakes baked perfectly! Makes a beautiful large cake. Just remember to make or buy extra frosting. I love Wilton products! And to find them at Walmart.com at excellent prices is even better. Love my Walmart. Highly recommend these Wilton Cake Pans.
  • It worked great. The cake released out of the pan easily. The cake cooked evenly. I am verry happy I bought this item.
  • These pans worked perfectly for my moms birthday cake. It was an old fashioned cake, and very difficult to make. Did not want them to get ruined taking them out of the pans. They came out with no effort.
  • Wilton’s products are superior in quality, yet they are lower in price. They are durable & well made. This product does not have the non-stick coating, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you !
  • I ordered these pans as a gift and thought they may not arrive in time for Christmas. I am used to Amazon’s excellent service and forgot I was dealing with Walmart. It took 2 weeks for them to arrive. I don’t recommend Walmart. I’m sure you can find the pans elsewhere.