Wilson F1825 NFL Pro Replica Football

Wilson F1825 NFL Pro Replica Football

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Enjoy an energetic game of football with the durable Wilson F1825 NFL Pro Replica Football. It comes in the official size and weight and is the exact replica of the one used in NFL games. This Wilson NFL football comes with a tough composite leather cover that has ACL laces for enhanced durability. Its unique firm texture offers good control and great grip while you play and is made with deeper pebbles and a firmer texture. This official size football is a reliable option for NFL fans as it provides better air retention and moisture control. It is tackified for a surer grip and has a multi-layered lining for better shape and durability. Grab onto some gridiron action with the Wilson F1825 NFL Pro Replica Football. There are never enough games won or opponents conquered. Wilson F1825 NFL Pro Replica Official Size Composite Football:

  • Replica of “The Duke” NFL Game Ball
  • Official size football used in NFL
  • Premium composite leather cover with ACL laces
  • Deeper pebbles and a firmer texture for better handling


  • I purchased this for a very reasonable price. Arrived on time fully inflated. Had it signed by a pro football player in silver sharpie. Looks awesome!
  • Excellent value on a great product. My grandson wanted an “official” full-sized football for Christmas so I bought this for him. Both he and I are very pleased with it. It is the new dark color and has excellent grip (even for an 11 year old).
  • Purchased this for my great grandson. He specifically wanted a full size football with the NFL Logo. Walmart had just reduced the price substantially making this a very attractive purchase. Seems to be fine for his use.
  • This F1825 is the same football sold by other retailers for anywhere between $29.95 and $49.99. It is $26.97 online and is much better than the cheaper versions or other brands. When you throw and kick, it carries farther than a less expensive footballs… and compared to the $89.98 official game ball, it is a perfect practice ball for a teenager without the high price. it is a good ball at a great price.
  • This is a very nice, pretty ball that does have a lot of grip, as in the description. My one problem is that there’s no such thing as “composite leather.” It’s made of composite material, or maybe you could just call it “fake leather” or “feaux leather.” It is not leather, has no leather anywhere in the ball, and the word “leather” should not be in the title or dscription.
  • The kid loves it so am glad I came to Walmart to get it.
  • i bought this for matts stockings and know the kid will like this


Features: NFL Pro Replica Football Replica of NFL game ball Duke premium composite leather cover ACL laces Official size and weight Deeper pebbles and firmer texture
Brand: WilsonMerchant: BuyDig.com
Replica of NFL game ball. Duke premium composite leather cover. ACL laces.
Brand: WilsonMerchant: Boscov's
The Wilson NFL Pro Replica Official Composite Football: Designed for play in all conditions, this rugged football has a composite leather cover.
Brand: WilsonMerchant: Paragon
When it comes to making footballs, Wilson is untouchable. In Ada, Ohio, Wilson has the only dedicated football factory in the world. Using exclusive patterns and innovative technology, Wilson provides...
The Wilson NFL All Pro Composite Official Game Ball is used by the NFL, NCAA, and more high school and youth leagues than any other brand.
Brand: WilsonMerchant: Paragon