West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker

West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker

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The West Bend Automatic Egg Cooker just made making breakfast easier. Whether boiled or poached, eggs provide a solid start to any day and provide the protein needed for a healthy breakfast. With this handy tool, you can cook up breakfast for four in no time as his smart machine can poach up to four eggs at once. Additionally, the West Bend egg cooker can make up to seven hard or soft boiled ones just as quickly. All you need to do is add the required amount of water based on the number of eggs to be cooked and switch it on. This hard boiled egg cooker does the rest. The boiler signals when the eggs are ready and turns off automatically so the eggs will be cooked just the way you want with minimal effort on your part. Walk away and take a shower or get the kids up while they cook. The West Bend egg cooker comes with a poaching pan, egg rack and measuring cup. Its space-saving design makes it ideal for the smaller kitchen. Additionally, it is modern and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. This kitchen accessory is only available online.

West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker:

  • Beautifully prepares eggs
  • Hard or soft boil up to seven eggs
  • Poaches up to four eggs
  • Automatic shut-off and alert
  • Hard boiled egg cooker includes egg rack, poaching pan and measuring cup
  • Available online only
  • Model# 86628


  • This is my first egg cooker and I can recommend it because it does a very good egg. But you have to be careful when open the lid, steam can burn yourself.
  • This automatic egg cooker works just like it promised. Quick, easy and perfect eggs.
  • Love this little egg cooker! It is simple and easy and makes perfect eggs of your choice. Would recommend to anyone.
  • This the 2nd one of this egg cooker. We liked the first one so well that when it broke, we looked until we found one like it.
  • I owned one and loved it so much, I bought myself a new on and then I bought one for my brother and one for my best friend
  • I purchased as a gift for my son. He is very pleased with the poaching performance of the cooker, he did say the hard boiled eggs take some effort to peel. The price was very economical, and he is very happy I bought it for him!
  • I poached a couple of eggs and they cooked fine. They did stick in the cups more than I thought they would, Took about 5 days for Walmart to get it to my local store to get it in.
  • The cooker works very well with a couple of drawbacks. One is that it does not have an automatic shutoff, which is annoying. If you are not standing next to it, you cannot hear the alarm that the eggs are done, and you must manually turn off the cooker. Also, it would be handier if there was a knob at the top to remove the cover.
  • I was very disappointed in this product. The water amount is confusing. My old egg cooker clearly told you how much water to use for the various type of eggs. I wanted poached eggs out of 3 different attempts & using a total of 6 eggs only 1 was edible & that was because the yolk broke. I used the recommended water for hard cooked eggs. The timer went off but when I cut open the eggs the center of the yolk was uncooked. I’m very, very disappointed in this product.
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