WEN Snow Blaster 13A Electric Snow Thrower 18″

WEN Snow Blaster 13A Electric Snow Thrower 18″

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Remember when the snow trapped you inside? With the WEN Snowblaster 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower, you’ll be able to clear a path through the snowfall up to 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The Snowblaster picks up snow using its 13.5 amp engine and blasts it up to 20 feet away in the direction of your choice. The pivoting snow chute includes a hand crank to easily rotate the aim of the blast a full 180 degrees and a quick-adjust system to simplify vertical angle adjustments. The lightweight design along with the 6-inch wheels allow for easy steering through the coldest of terrains. And because it is a WEN Product, your Snowblaster comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled technicians, and a helpful and friendly customer service line. Make the winters slightly more bearable with the WEN Snowblaster 18-inch Electric Snow Thrower. Remember when you made that snow disappear? Remember WEN.
WEN Snow Blaster 13A Electric Snow Thrower, 18″:

  • Clears snow 18″W and 10″D
  • 13 amp motor shoots snow up to 30′ away
  • 4.5″ wheels and lightweight design make for easy mobility
  • Chute rotates 180 degrees to direct path of the snow
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty


  • I only gave it 4 stars because we have not had snow since I received it…I did use it on some leftover snow bank and it worked well.. I have had other brands including the highly rate Toro. This one seem as well made or better. Whether the motor stands up only time will tell. But for the price, I am optimistic this will more than serve its purpose. It came well packed as if it were an expensive machine and was easy to assemble. Delivery was quick, 2 days, as promised.
  • Used it on 2″ snow and did great! Once I realized I needed the right angle on the chute, it threw snow some distance and cleaned two driveways and small parking area in hour or so. Very good for my needs. AND no more sho elling!!!!!!
  • this machine i read the review and order this for my husband he told me it wasnt going to be able to clean the driveway but boy did he eat his words it worked really great and my husband couldnt believe it and he loves it so much he cant wait til it snows again lol which we are starting to get the snow now lol with my husband having a bad back this is so light weight and cause no strain to his back he love it we are really happy customers for this machine and recommend it high to anyone.
  • I ordered the WEN Snowblaster on Walmart.com and was shipped to my house quickly. The Snowblaster is very easy to assemble, a phillips-head screwdriver is the only needed tool (for a couple small screws), everything else is tighten-by-hand. I needed a narrow machine, and this one is perfect for me. 18″ clearing path and the overall width of the unit is 19 1/2″. It’s also very lightweight. The design of the machine, and the handle & wheels, make it very easy to maneuver. The unit is all plastic (except for the handle) but it seems well made and the plastic is durable. This is good for snow under 10 or 12″s. Since I recently got the snowblower, I don’t know about longterm durability, but I’m sure with proper use it should last a long time. Inexpensive snowblower, worth the money and I would recommend the WEN Snowblaster.
  • This snow thrower does a very good job. Being electric, no worries about it not starting, of course. Setup was fast and straight forward. It has a little bit of an issue being on a partially graveled driveway which is resolved by raising it slightly, but overall it does a nice job. Having the chute crank within arm’s reach is great, and the throwing distance is more than adequate. The chute is easy to clean out when needed, which has not been often in this case. So, overall very happy with this purchase.
  • Ordered when heavy snow projected and arrived the next day (yea!). 12 year old put it together and we used it immediately. Worked great (only wish it would get closer to concrete as it leaves about 1/4 in). Son used blower and I pushed the snow shovel behind. Cleared an easy 6-8 inches off quickly! Took 1/4 time to do the same job and no sore back. Worth the few extra dollars for the directional blower – a must. Used extra cord we had to reach into street so we could get into driveway without blocking it.
  • This snow blower worked like a charm. There is a little assembly required but it was super easy to put together and the instructions were easy to follow. The only thing with an electric snow blower is if there’s an electrical outage. You might consider getting a gas or battery run blower if that’s a reoccurring issue in the area you live. Otherwise, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and the price and quality is very good. Highly recommend!!
  • 2 inches of snow and this thing can’t throw it past the cowl. clogs with very dry snow. would not recommend this to my worst enemy. “throws snow up to 20 feet” lucky if it throws up on itself.
WEN Snow Blaster 13A Electric Snow Thrower, 18":Clears snow 18"W and 10"D13 amp motor shoots snow up to 30' away4.5" wheels and lightweight design make for easy mobilityChute rotates 180 degrees to di...
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