Tetra Heater 5-15

Tetra Heater 5-15

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Keep your tropical fish and other aquarium occupants warm and active with the Tetra Heater 5-15. This submersible unit is UL-approved for safety and is easy to conceal behind a plant or sculpture. Offering a compact design, it is easy to use thanks to suction cups that keep it firmly attached to glass. The Tetra submersible heater is made of shatterproof glass for durability. It also features an electronic thermostat, so it automatically maintains a water temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit boasts compatibility with aquariums with a capacity of up to 15 gals.
Tetra Heater 5-15:

  • UL-approved for safety
  • Compact aquarium heater
  • Easy to use
  • Electronic thermostat automatically adjusts to maintain aquarium at 78 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made of shatterproof glass
  • Heater offers compatibility with aquariums up to 15 gals


  • I got this for my 15 gallon tank. It keeps it around 78 degrees and keeps my tetras happy. I’ve used this brand several times in the past and haven’t ever had any trouble.
  • Easy to put in place, stays in place. Keeps water temperature exactly on 72 degrees, constantly.
  • I purchased this for a 5.5 gallon shrimp tank so it’s fine. It’s not adjustable so I wouldn’t use it in a tank with fish that need warmer water — it stays at about 75 degrees fahrenheit which is fine for some species such as shrimp but not warmer climate fish.
  • It does its job. It keeps the tank at 78 degrees automatically. No need to fidget with it after installation
  • With the weather finally turning cold where I live at night, I knew I needed a heater that would keep my fishies warm and me not irritated. I started with another heater from a pet store and was disappointed that first the suction cup wouldn’t stay on the way and notice no change on the thermometer in the tank. I invested in this one have not been disappointed yet. There is a small red light that comes on when it is heating the water, which I worried would bother me since my tank is in my bedroom but I sleep peacefully.
  • It works great. We have 4 of these in four aquariums and they all work great. I recommend the Tetra heater
  • I really like this heater. I thought it wouldn’t have a light indicator upon looking at it. I was wrong. It keeps my 5.5 gallon tank at a steady 78-80 degrees. I really like it. Nothing bad about it so far.
  • This heater was purchased as a replacement for an Aqueon 10 watt heater that quit working. I have a Fluval Spec V which houses 1 betta and some live aquarium plants. Even after several hours and noticing the ‘indicator light’ turning off, my aquarium never went above 73.4 degrees. Not at all ideal for a betta and unacceptable since it advertises it keeps a tank at a constant 78 degrees. This heater will be returned as soon as I get a replacement. Put your money toward a more reliable brand.
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