Swiffer 360 Disposable Cleaning Dusters Starter Kit

Swiffer 360 Disposable Cleaning Dusters Starter Kit

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With thousands of fluffy fibers, Swiffer 360degree Dusters trap and lock up to 3X more dust than a feather duster. It uses Dust Lock Adhesive to clean deep into grooves, and its amazing all-around design has 50% more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters.

Swiffer Dusters Extendable Handle 360 Starter Kit:

  • Clever all-around design features 50% more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Via Prepaid Card. Visit http://www.swiffer.com/coupons-and-promotions/money-back-guarantee for FULL details/limitations
  • Thousands of fluffy fibers feature Dust Lock Adhesive
  • Great for dusting electronics, knick-knacks in your home or office, or even your car interior
  • Cleaning starter kit includes 1 handle and 3 Unscented disposable Dusters
  • TIP: When you run out of Swiffer 360degree Dusters, save your handle and buy refills


Warning Text: Avoid Accidents: Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

California Proposition 65 Warning: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm


Instructions: Remove tape. 1. Fluff. Shake ends of duster up and down until full. 2. Insert. 3. Extend. For cleaning purpose only. Use only on cooled surfaces. This product is not intended for use on wet or anti-glare coated surfaces.


  • Swiffer Dusters use ‘magic’ technology to trap dust and other particles.
  • I love the convenience of the product however, I think it is a little expensive for using regularly. If the cost could be reduced I would probably use it every other day or so. Nice to have when quests are visiting with little notice. Pricey:)
  • I recently purchased this and I love it already!! Usually when I dust I feel like the dust just flies around once I wipe it and with the swiffer, the dust stays attached to the duster.
  • I like the extended handle because I can clean my ceiling fans without a stepstool. I wish I could have purchased this at the Walmart store instead of on line.
  • I personally love the swiffer 360 duster. You cant beat it. Its especially perfect when you have company coming over and you want to do a quick dusting around the house you can reach even the hardest places to reach. The retractable arm and movable head allows you to get above you head and on the fan, everywhere. I love it and it picks up and attracts the dust without leaving any residue. I am so happy I picked this up.
  • It works great. I have had mine for months now,and it works great. The only problem is that I broke it today so I have to buy a new swiffer duster and wet jet. I can’t live without it.
  • I have used swifter dusters in the past. I have thought they were good, but cumbersome to handle, especially once dirty. We live near an airport, so it’s ALWAYS dusty. I hate dusting. So I let my 6 year old dust because she thinks it’s fun. Sometimes she uses a sock or a towel, sometimes our old swifter kit, if I had refills. I found myself not buying them anymore because they were a pain to put together. Not anymore! The new refills seem to slide right on easily. In fact my 6 year old can do it herself, she doesn’t need my help. And the duster doesn’t slide off while dusting, but it’s easier to remove than the last kit I used. I also had the original one that didn’t extend. The extending wand is FAB!!! My Lil one can reach everywhere! And she thinks it’s a fairy wand, so she always wants to dust. She constantly asks for her fairy wand. Swifter you are magical!!!
  • Replacing the head should be ease. Wrong. New head won’t stay on. Keeps falling off. I ended up using it by hand instead of the attachment. Piece of junk in my opinion. dollar store quality.
Get a more all-around clean with a Swiffer 360 degree duster. By removing up to 90% of allergens from cats, dogs and dust mites, you will notice cleaner surfaces and fresher air. Get your home dust-fr...
Brand: SwifferMerchant: Office Depot
Swiffer 360 Degree Dusters Starter Kit
Brand: SwifferMerchant: iBuyOfficeSupply.com
Swiffer 360 Degree Dusters trap and lock dust and allergens in your home and office from cats, dogs and dust mites. Thousands of fluffy fibers clean deep into grooves and crevices to trap and lock dus...
Brand: SwifferMerchant: Office Depot
Swiffer 360degrees Dusters can remove up to 90% of allergens from cats, dogs and dust mites. Fluffy fibers clean deep into grooves. All around design has 50% more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters. ...
Brand: SwifferMerchant: Office Depot
Toss away contaminants with a Swiffer Duster Fiber dusters lock in dust and allergens for an excellent clean. Dust heads are disposable and easy to replace. Contoured plastic handle offers comfortable...
Brand: SwifferMerchant: Office Depot