Supersonic SC-1091 Handheld AM/FM Radio with Display SW1 SW2 and AC/DC Operated

Supersonic SC-1091 Handheld AM/FM Radio with Display SW1 SW2 and AC/DC Operated

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Portable Radio Supersonic SC-1091 Handheld AM/FM Radio with Display, SW1, SW2 and AC/DC Operated


  • This radio works good on AM and FM. The controls are a little hard to get used to. My main complaint is that if you are using AC power, and the power fails, all the station presets and the time setting disappear. So I installed two D size batteries and only plug it into AC power when I need to change batteries. It is easier to replace the batteries then to keep redoing the station presets and time setting. I can’t hear anything on the two shortwave bands, that is OK with me, because I only wanted AM and FM bands. One morning we heard the radio making strange noises, the alarm somehow was set. I had to remove the batteries to make it stop. The directions don’t tell you how to disable the alarm.
  • I bought this radio for ice fishing where size and weight matters. Its reception is very good, better then either of my boom boxs. The sound is good for one speaker. I’m very pleased with it.
  • First, this radio has a loss of preset issue some people may not tolerate its in the manual. if you dont read manuals: MAKE SURE RADIO IS OFF BEFORE PLUGGING OR UNPLUGGING POWERED CORD. i bought this radio so i wouldnt have to use my $60 expensive radios working outside. features i liked pll tuner the shortwave bands were just an added plus. i liked the radio uses (2) d cell batteries. the big speaker sounds better than slightly smaller (4) aa cell powered radio. the radio pictured on walmart page is not what i got this radio pll tuner is better controls 1 extra digit no need for the fine tune dial on the side. .
  • Radio is exactly what i need. I use it on sailboat, so it plays for long afternoons with no competition from engine noise. Batteries provide plenty of power — still not sure of their life span, but so far so good. Rechargeable batteries in smaller weather solar powered units do not have very long charge or battery life. The large D cell batteries are powerful and inexpensive. Speaker size provides good sound quality.
  • The first one that I picked up Did NOT work at all.Got another one and I took it back,,very hard tuneing and the instuctions suck,yes it lets you store 12 pre set stations but does not tell you how to get to them.I would not buy this again.IT IS NO GOOD
* Portable AM/FM 2 band radio * Clock function * 24 hours time display * Alarm function * Earphone jack * Volume control * Telescopic antenna * Power ON/OFF * Carrying loop included * Power by 2AAA si...
Brand: SUPERSONIC INC.Merchant: Kmart

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