Suncast Lawn Cart

Suncast Lawn Cart

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The Suncast lawn cart is the perfect solution if you need to store and transport mulch, dirt and other outdoor items. It is lightweight and has a telescoping handle, which makes it easy to use. It’s a breeze to maneuver around the yard. This Suncast cart is made to pull, push and dump items and can navigate most terrains including grass, sand, rocks and even tougher cumbersome areas such as mud. This Suncast lawn cart has a durable construction with 15.5 gallon capacity, 7″ wheels and a metal axle. Made out of durable resin construction, this lawn utility cart is sure to last. The Suncast cart can also double as a cooler to store ice and drinks for an outdoor gathering, such as a barbeque or tailgate. With many practical purposes, you’ll find this cart to meet your needs.
Suncast Lawn Cart:

  • Use to store and transport mulch, dirt and other outdoor items
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Telescoping handle for easy use
  • 15.5 gal capacity
  • 7″ wheels
  • Metal axle
  • Model# LC1250D


  • Previously, when I made my daily trip to my elderly mother’s house, I would get out of my van and carry everything inside one at a time. It was a choice of what hurt my arthritic knees the most…four trips taking one item at a time or one trip loaded down that would put me out of commission the next day. Now that I have my cart, I get out of the van, pull out the cart (it is lightweight so that takes no effort), load it down with my tote bag, my purse, lunch for us both, a few groceries, maybe something I borrowed that I am now returning…then I just walk slowly to the back door and watch this sweet cart hop the stoop and roll right in with no effort at all. Best of all, when I leave with all the stuff I am taking home, I roll it back outside to the van, unload the items into the front seat, pick up the empty cart (again, takes no effort) and then just lay it on its back for the ride back home. This cart is not heavy at all. It is very well balanced. I haven’t dumped anything yet. Moms, it’s not too soon to start saving your back and knees for your old age. Exercise is good, but why carry heavy loads when you could pull them in this very stable cart. I use Walmart’s curbside pickup for my groceries and then get them from the van to the house with my little cart. You know I’m happy. BTW, it took this senior lady (who can barely pick up anything off the floor) about five minutes to open the box, take it out and assemble it with my cheap screwdriver…and that includes finding the screwdriver. My cart will pay for itself many times over…especially if it is raining or if I have more than one sack of trash. Be sure to keep an eye on the handles and tighten the screws if and when they need it. I haven’t had that happen yet but common sense tells us that screws can eventually work themselves loose.
  • This is smaller than I thought it was going to be but it is easy to push around and won’t break your back. You may have to make a few extra trips if you are mulching or picking up sticks. I like the fact that it won’t rust, the tires won’t go flat, and you can wash it easily with a hose.
  • I needed to shovel and move 850 sq. ft. of river rock from my back yard. I had a wheel barrow, but heavy loads on just one wheel are hard for me, so I started looking at two-wheelers but the price of them were out of my budget. Then I saw this cart and decided to give it a try. I was very skeptical that it could hold up to this task. Well I finished the job in a couple of days and this cart did the hauling of all that rock without a glitch. I love it!! It’s also handy to carry a million other things. I wish that I had bought one of these years ago.
  • I purchased this lawn cart to easily move large bags of birdseed from my vehicle to the shed which has worked out perfectly. I also plan on using the cart this spring for my yard work. It will be a great help!
  • It’s sturdy and a great size for our purpose. It was advertised as having a “telescoping handle”, it’s actually adjustable by taking out screws and moving one way or the other. The telescoping feature would have been nice since it would have provided more room when I loaded it up in my car ( by taking down the handle) with other tubs on wheels.
  • Actual use will be for taking hay to our equine animals…adjustable handle is great as are larger wheels…4-6 flakes of hay fit right in and the cart is light weight so it glides over snow but good on dry ground also…and it is cheap enough in price so even being on Social Security made it affordable…we are very pleased with this item and the fact that pick up was easy and it came fully assembled…Thank you again Walmart!!!!
  • I love the size, lightweight, rolling cart to help me move large planters and mulch at 40 lbs per bag. It significantly reduces stress on my back and reduces time of gardening as I can accumulate my tools or garden refuse in one trip rather than 2 or 3.
  • The description states that this lawn cart has a “telescopic” handle. Unfortunately, it does not. It is an “adjustable” handle. There’s a big difference. I will be returning this to the store.
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