Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin

Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin

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The Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin is made from durable resin that will last for years to come. It has an easy-access front flap, and you can keep the lid open as desired. This container has a 72 quart capacity and holds up to 50 pounds of dog food. It can be stacked with or without the lid to help you save on space. It is ideal for recycling and storing pet food or other materials. Keep your home tidy with this dog food storage bin.

Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin:

  • Holds 50 lbs of dog food
  • Durable resin construction
  • Easy access front flap
  • Front lid stays open when desired
  • Stacks with or without lid
  • Assembled Size: 24″ long x 18″ wide x 17″ high
  • Model #BH181812P
  • Has a 72 quart holding capacity


  • Didn’t realize how wide these items were. I had bought another product from WalMart that I had liked but ended up giving it to an animal rescue and have not been able to find the item again. If you have the room, then this item would be great for many different uses.
  • I have 2 and they are stacked! Great for saving space!
  • This is perfect for our dog food. We buy big bags (30 lbs) and it all fits. It even stands up to our big shepherd jumping on it! I highly recommend this.
  • We have a lot of animals and these are great for 50lb dog food, cat food, treats etc… I love this product and plan to buy several more. If you own a bakery, restaurant etc they would be great for flour, sugar anything your heart desires.
  • This is perfect for our 40 pound bags of dog food. I think it keeps it fresher than just leaving it in the open bag. We love it!
  • The 72qt food storage bin is a bit larger than I wanted but still fits under my pantry shelf. The lid snaps down but not so tight that it’s a struggle getting it open. Flat area on back half of lid is perfect for setting the cup or other items. Opening is spacious so no trouble getting large bags of food poured into the bin. Wish I could have found a smaller version to hold a 30# bag of food but for $12.98, I can live with the extra space.
  • I have three large dogs all eating three different foods. These are awesome. I wish they were airtight only because I’m afraid ants may find their way into them after the rainy season ends. They are in my garage and require a very small area for stacking. They stack well and hold 50# bag of dog food easily. Excellent for the price. Great for garage or inside but wouldn’t recommend outside exposed to the elements.
  • Upon opening the lid fir the first time, a hinge broke immediately. The bin itself is fine but the hinge mechanism is cheap, brittle plastic. I returned it and will not order another. Walmart shouldn’t sell this product.
Suncast 72 Quart Food Storage Bin: Holds 50 lbs of dog foodDurable resin constructionEasy access front flapFront lid stays open when desiredStacks with or without lidAssembled Size: 24" long x 18" wid...
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