Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower White

Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower White

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This Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower can make a functional addition to nearly any room of your home, providing the space you need to keep your items nicely organized. It has a modern design to enhance any room, giving you a way to decorate with ease. This Sterilite 5 drawer tower in white features three shallow and two deep transparent drawers, providing versatile storage space. The translucent feature of the piece allows for effortless identification of items, ensuring that you know precisely what you have stored in them. The storage tower is constructed from heavy-duty plastic and has ergonomic handles for easy closing and opening of drawers, giving you simple access. It has long-term durability. The shallow drawers are great for keeping your swimsuits, underclothes and other smaller items. The deep spaces can be used for larger items like shirts, pants or sweaters.

This can also be used for tool storage for the garage, craft storage in a sewing room, or miscellaneous kitchen storage. With it’s lightweight, compact size, you can rearrange your area anytime you want, making it a nice storage option to have available. Bring home the Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower for an easy solution to your storage problems.

Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower:

  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • 5 clear drawers
  • Sterilite 5 drawer tower, white dimensions: 15.25″L x 21.88″W x 31.88″H
  • Color: White


  • I moved into my sisters house when I couldn’t pay for my own space and ended up having to live in a 2nd floor living area with no closet. For months now I’ve been living without a closet and in need. (The walls are too weak for wardrobes to be attached). I had a shorter blue one to fill all my girl items and bought the 5 drawer on for clothing. I managed to put all my underwear in the top 2 drawers, bras in the 3rd, my summer bathing suits and towels in the 4th drawer and my workout clothing at the bottom. I’m going to buy 2 more for jeans and tshirts. It’s great and sturdy. I’m also going to buy a few of the tabletop ones for my school paperscraftinghomework stuff too. Also I’m heavyset person, and it can hold my clothes no problem without buckling.
  • This product is great. No assembly required, which is the best thing! Fits perfectly in my closet, and has a great deal of room for storage.
  • I don’t have room in my bedroom for a dresser without crowding the room, so I bought two of these for my closet. I plan to line one of the top smaller drawers with velvet where I can put my jewelry for easy access. The other small drawers are perfect for bras, socks, and underwear. The remaining drawers have plenty of room for jeans, shirts, and sweaters. You can’t beat the price for a storage unit of this size especially when you compare the price to closet organizers. I didn’t give it a 5 for two reasons: one, you can’t put anything on the top of the unit because it isn’t sturdy; two, this unit would be much better if it had wheels.
  • This is a great, handy set of drawers to have. I love the small drawers for small items like socks and underwear. The large drawers are so get to put those more bulky things in. It is also sturdy. I liked it so much that I bought a second one!
  • I bought this for my 6 year old daughter. I love the two smaller drawers for socks, tights, t-shirts and underwear. The three bigger drawers are for her pjs, shorts and miscellaneous clothing. The only drawback is there are no wheels to move it. Besides that it’s fine, plan to buy one more for my 2 year old.
  • The drawers come out completely. It’s good for organizing toys. Remove the drawer, play with the toys, put the drawer back in. Easy!
  • I liked the cart itself. It has plenty of storage. What I didn’t like is it doesn’t have casters so I can roll it around. I thought casters came with it. When you go to order the cart, there is a video of the cart which states the cart comes with wheels. No, it does not come with wheels. I sent back the carts (I had ordered two) for an exchange and was sent the identical carts back to me with no wheels. So, I was very dissapointed. If they’re going to show a video of the cart which states it has wheels, then they should include the wheels.
  • After reading other reviews, I thought this item would be fairly sturdy, but it was rickety and the bottom drawer wouldn’t close properly straight out of the box, without anything in it. I wasn’t expecting it to be able to hold a lot because it was cheap and it is plastic after all, but I was very disappointed at the quality of this product. I will be returning it to the store.
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