Sterilite 19 Gal./72 L Stacker Tote Black

Sterilite 19 Gal./72 L Stacker Tote Black

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The Sterilite 19 Gallon / 72 Liter Stacker Tote is ideal for customers looking for a durable storage solution. Heavy duty latches keep the lid attached to the base and ensure items remain safely stored inside. The deep indexed lid allows multiple totes to stack securely, and because it is modular, Stacker Totes and Stacker Clears are able to stack interchangeably. This Modular Stacker Tote is ideal for storing items in the basement, garage or attic.

  • Overall Assembled Size: 25 3/4″ x 18 3/8″ x 13 1/4″
  • This durable storage solution is ideal for garages, basements, attics, and more
  • Heavy duty latches help to secure the lid to the base and provide a comfortable grip surface
  • Deep indexed lid surface allows multiple totes to stack securely
  • Stacker Totes and Stacker Clears can stack interchangeably


  • The price on these totes is very reasonable as they stack nice, look nice, and have latches on the lids.
  • I bought one of these 2 years ago to put my dogs food in. It keeps their food safe from pests and mice as I live in the city. I bought it due to the fact mice kept getting in and roaches seemed attracted to the smell. Anyways, once I put the food in it the mouse was so confused and wen I opened it I found the food fresh and contamination free. Thanks walmart!
  • It’s just a storage container but it is very sturdy and easily stackable.
  • Purchased three of these for moving to and from college every fall and spring. The locking lids are great, and kept dust and rain out when a couple of these had to ride on the hitch rack on the back of my Jeep. No worries about these shifting when stacked either.
  • It look nice but the moment I try putting in stuff it was already felling apart
Sterilite 19 gal Stacker Tote, Black:19 gal stacker toteDurable latchesIndexed lid for easy stackingBlack base and lid
Brand: SteriliteMerchant: Walmart US

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