Sterilite 16 Gallon / 61 Liter Storage Trunk

Sterilite 16 Gallon / 61 Liter Storage Trunk

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Keep large items in your household safely stored away with the Sterilite 16 Gal Storage Trunk. Use this durable item to store items like toys, sports equipment, tools and a variety of other valuables. The Sterilite storage trunk can fit on your storage shelves in a basement or garage and is ideal for hauling items to events and sports games. This item comes in black and is available as a single unit or in a case of four. This portable storage trunk has two sturdy latches to keep your items safe and secure while transporting and has a slot to accommodate a standard size padlock to prevent theft. The long-lasting trunk comes with ergonomic handles which allow you to lift this item with ease and have a secure and comfortable grip.
Sterilite 16-Gallon Storage Trunk, Black (Available in Case of 4 or Single Unit):

  • Ideal on-the-go storage solution
  • Sterilite storage trunk has sturdy latches
  • Latches accommodate standard size padlock
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Available as a single unit or as a case of four


  • Most budget-friendly totes have lids that collect rain water, a breeding ground for mosquitos. Rain water runs off the top of this one. After some weeks of heavy rain and storms, the inside is still bone dry.
  • I live in cold area. when I have refrigerator overflow , I store on the deck. Great tight fitting lid. Has durable plastic lock downs.
  • Trunk is just large enough to hold items…..but not too big! this helps in not over loading and making it too heavy .
  • Great little trunk. It’s only a 16 gallon, so it’s slightly smaller that the 18 gallon, but the hinged lid and lockable clasps make up for it. It’s the only bin I buy now.
  • The tubs were as described well made and hold the weight that I have been putting in them. Excellent product and plan on purchasing 4 more.
  • It is a nice container… except for the lid. It is flimsy and pushes in when another container is placed on top.
Sterilite 16-Gallon Storage Trunk, Black (Available in Case of 4 or Single Unit) :Ideal on-the-go storage solutionSterilite storage trunk available in case of 4 or single unit has sturdy latchesLatche...
Brand: SteriliteMerchant: Walmart US
Storage trunks 24 inches long by 17 inches wide by 13-1/2 inches high, 16 gallons. Ideal on-the-go storage solution. Latches secure the lid and accommodate a standard size padlock. Ergonomic handles o...