Step2 Paw Patrol Lookout Climber

Step2 Paw Patrol Lookout Climber

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The Step2 Paw Patrol Lookout Climber is a fun activity center for playing in the backyard. It has a non-slip design on the steps to make them safer for younger children to climb on. This product has a periscope that you can look out through to see what lies on the horizon. The Step2 lookout climber features a design based on the Paw Patrol animated show, which means that your child can feel like part of the action. It’s made from plastic and other materials that can stand up to the weather to make this unit safe to leave outside on a permanent basis. Assembly is simple so you can start using it soon after getting it out of the box. This playset encourages young children to engage in physical play that’s good for their fitness.
Step2 Paw Patrol Lookout Climber:

  • Age range: 1.5 to 5 years
  • Chase has spotted trouble in Adventure Bay
  • Pretend to use the lookout periscope and help save the day
  • Step2 lookout climber ladder features nonslip steps to help toddlers enter the lookout tower
  • Slide to safety with the long, durable climber slide
  • Outdoor climber features the fun design and decals of Paw Patrol
  • Durable and maintenance-free construction
  • Adult assembly required
  • Kids’ climber encourages physical activity
  • Features characters from the popular animated series


  • This item was a gift from great-grandparents for a 1st birthday. We ordered it online and had it delivered directly to his house in another state for his parents to assemble. It arrived on time as promised and is good condition. They said it was very easy to put together with a few tools. They also felt it is good quality material. They say the little one especially enjoys playing in the lookout deck. They think it was a great gift, and the other tots at his birthday party really enjoyed playing in it too. In fact, one of them expects to receive his own for his birthday next month.
  • I bought this for my grandson’s 3rd birthday. He is a big Paw Patrol fan. He and his 2 year old brother absolutely love this climber! They slide and climb for hours. They love to “spy” on MiMi and Peepaw too! It was money well spent! I would highly recommend this toy to bring smiles to the little ones in your life!
  • I purchased this climber for my 2 year olds paw patrol bedroom. It was fairly easy to put together though I used a drill since it would have taken me forever to screw into the plastic by hand. Sturdy and a great size. The colors are vibrant and the stickers are good quality.
  • I bought this for my 3 year old and my 19 month old. I stayed up and built this for them while they were sleeping. I’m a mom of two, I was able to build it mostly myself (needed help to hold a few of the pieces still while I put the screws in.) Understanding the assembly was easy, the holes are not predrilled but I had no problem with getting the screws in. You do have to push hard and twist to get them in. Decals are very sticky so make sure that you have it where you want it before it attaches itself because there is no way you will get it back off without it tearing the decal! My kids absolutely LOVE this climber! I ordered the matching paw patrol water table and it’s on the way now. I’m sure they will love it too! All in all, yes, there are lot of screws and yes assembly is a little hard for some (pushing the screws in.) but, to me, it was not hard at all. It took about 30 minutes to build. The plastic is very durable and the decals are really cute. We have this inside as it’s way too nice of a toy to be outside. Once spring/summer is here I’m sure I will bring it outside for them to use but it will come right back in 🙂 I would definitely recommend this product to any paw patrol fan! Also, it’s not heavy or too bulky! I can lift and move it by myself.
  • Thank you to Step2 for letting me test this item as part of the Step2 toy tester program. I had my eye on it for my boy/girl twins birthday, but was lucky enough to be selected as a toy tester! My kids love Paw Patrol, so the added excitement for them to see Paw Patrol on the climber was nice. I worked very hard this summer to teach my now 2 year olds about safety on playground equipment. I was happy to see that this climber was very sturdy and safe to use. I wish they were able to stand up on their feet to play on the “deck” of the lookout tower, but they don’t seem to mind standing on their knees when they want to see out the lookout toy attached (which really works), or interact with whoever is in the grass. The slide is a comfortable length for them to slide on, without feeling short. I wanted to mention I live in the midwest and am always sad when it gets too cold to play outside. I built this climber alone in my living room, and was impressed that it was narrow enough and light enough for me to carry it outside through the patio sliding door. I also measured and it will fit down my basement stairs, so I plan to keep it inside this winter. I can definitely see them playing with this for another year as is, as they grow taller I may opt to remove the red roof and still allow them to get some more use out of it. I tried to show the kids they could crawl under the structure as pictured on the box/ad, but they were not interested. I do wonder how the decals and the mirror inside the lookout tube will hold up as time goes on if I left this outdoors exclusively. Lastly, although I built it on my own, I would say having help would have made it go faster. It took me about an hour total, as I had to stop and rest my hands b/c they hurt from using a manual screw driver to insert all the screws.
  • My kids got this for Christmas. While they absolutely love it, it took forever to assemble and the locations of many of the screws are nearly inaccessible. Nothing is predrilled so be prepared to have your hand strength put to the test.