Stanley FatMax 10W LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Spotlight

Stanley FatMax 10W LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Spotlight

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The new Stanley FatMax 10W LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Spotlight is a powerful and long-lasting LED spotlight. Whether at home, in a vehicle, camping or during a roadside emergency or power failure, this spotlight will allow you to illuminate even the darkest of work areas. The ultra-bright LED provides up to 920 lumens and features CLO (continuous light output), so it stays brighter longer than traditional spotlights. A rugged pistol-grip handle offers the user a comfortable grip, while use of the locking pivoting stand and convenient trigger lock provides hands-free operation. The 10W LED provides a runtime of up to one hour on high and seven hours on low. Lithium-ion technology allows for up to 12 months without recharging. AC and DC charging cords are included to recharge the spotlight at home or inside a vehicle.

Stanley FatMax 10W LED Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Spotlight:

  • 10W ultra-bright LED
  • Up to 7 hours of runtime
  • Up to 920 lumens
  • Constant light output
  • Pivoting/collapsible stand for hands-free use
  • Lithium-ion battery stays charged for up to 12 months
  • Charge 2 ways using vehicle or home charger


  • This is the best flashlight out there. I have had mine for several years and just bought one for each of my daughters. Living in the country you need a light that will light up your yard and fields when you are looking for livestock or predators or even skunks when you let your dog out. You will not be disappointed with this!!
  • I would have given this a 5 star rating except for one thing. It needs re-charging after a fairly short amount of use. I’ve used it several times on a night time canal cruise which lasted 2 hours. Used the spot light periodically over the course of these 2 hours to see where I was going and/or look at something. No real sustained use, but I’d guess maybe a combined total of 20 minutes, many times off & on. Light did not fail on me, but when I got home and plugged in the charger, it’s been on red every time. To me, if its need for a re-charge were not critical, that light would be green, or yellow at best. Not red. Otherwise, it is a very good, bright light. Comes in very handy in very dark outdoor settings.
  • This spotlight is so bright that it almost light up the entire room.It’s sort of heavy but not too bad and even comes with it’s own stand built right in so you can use it for like a lamp or something like on you night stand.Plus if your traveling somewhere ,happen to take it with you,then it has a red cap with it so you can signal for help if you beak down.You get alot of bang for your buck with this baby so it’s definitely worth it.
  • This light is not cheap but it is the absolute best light that I have ever owned. I absolutely love it when I hear something outside in the evening and it lights up the entire back yard. I have a big light that I really liked until I purchased this light. I can forget to charge it for a couple of months or so and it still “lights up the night” when turned on (even on the low setting). The proof is in the pudding….I just purchased a second light to take with us on vacation and I bought one for my youngest daughter and one for my oldest daughters husband for Christmas…..great light….takes the dark out of night.
  • This is the one to get. Really does the job. Over the pass 30 years had a lot of rechargeable spotlights that did a ok job. This does a excellent job. Bought another one for our son for Christmas. If you like seeing wild life from over 100 yards this is it.
  • This is a powerful, but lightweight, rechargeable light that thankfully uses Lithium Ion technology for longer life than the older sealed lead acid versions. But, be sure to compare prices as you will see them vary by more than $20 depending on vendor.
  • I bought this item for work as a night security officer, and I love it! Can see for quarter mile (orchard to orchard)! Didn’t think it would do the job for its size, but bright as daylight… Was so happy with it, I bought one more to carry as a spare, or use while the other one charges!!!
  • This light is a little bigger than my previous FatMax but it illuminates the yard at night so I can see where my 4 dogs are when we go out. It came fully charged and I’ve been using it each night for the past week. Total time amounts to less than 5 minutes so I don’t know yet how long the charge will last. Good product.
  • Bought 5 of these ………Great lights…….But 3 of the 5 had bad switches
Technical InformationNumber of Light Source: 8Light Source Type: BulbBulb/Tube Type: LEDLuminance Flux: 900 LumenMaximum Bulb/Tube Power: 5 WFeatures: Adjustable StandBattery InformationBattery Chemis...
Brand: StanleyMerchant: Walmart US
Ultrabright Power-saving halo mode with 8 ambient LEDs Li-Ion technology provides charge up to 12 months
Merchant: Staples
Up to 920 lumens Ultrabright Up to 7 hours of run time
Merchant: Staples
Ultrabright Up to 10 hours of run time Power-saving halo mode with 6 ambient LEDs
Merchant: Staples