Sportspower Almansor Metal Swing, Slide and Trampoline Set

Sportspower Almansor Metal Swing, Slide and Trampoline Set

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The Sportspower Almansor jump and swing set provides hours of active fun for kids. The patented mini trampoline system is only available with Sportspower swing sets and everyone knows that kids love to jump and bounce! Other play features include the six-foot wavy slide, two blow-molded swing seats and the two-person glider. The set is designed and manufactured to meet all ASTM safety standards. Powder-coated steel frame prevents rust. It’s safe, durable and fun! The Almansor jump and swing set is the perfect addition to your backyard that your kids will love! Please view the video below to see all the awesome features for this metal swing set.

90-day warranty on small individual parts


  • Instructions terrible to read andunderstand, easier to look at picture on box. Tool to install springs on trampoline is useless. Only way i could install springs by myself, I used 2 foot long 3/8 extension hooked on trampolin attachment and shoved in ground so i could pull trampoline to me, and big heavy duty phillips screwdriver hooked into spring and trampoline attachment. I pulled 3/8 extension to me and screw driver and spring away to hook spring onto trampoline attachment. That was the only way i could do it alone. Hook spring on on side corner and spring on opposite side corner, skipping every other hook up so that you have half of the springs on each side. Then do the other 2 sides the same way. Then go back and do it all over again to install the other half of the springs. Enjoy !
  • The assembly of this swing set was a long somewhat difficult process which took a lot more tools than just those provided. The set should be assembled into sub-assemblies in a garage where there is light and power, not out in the grass where nuts, bolts and washers can easily be lost. Try to have a table or something to do the assembly to avoid having to work on the ground. The instructions were clear, the parts were well marked and it went together with a minimum of fuss provided you have tools, wrenches, hammers, lights, screwdrivers. I have two major complaints: (a) The washers used under the nuts are plastic with a safety cap. If the nuts are over tightened the plastic washer will split. (b) The trampoline was extremely difficult to assemble as the springs are very tight and the frame is very light, so it took a lot of effort to hold the frame steady and a lot of muscle power and a hammer in order to get the spring into its slot. Good luck to all.
  • Most of the holes were not pre-drilled evenly. My husband is very handy but had trouble with this because nothing lined up correctly. By himself he got it all put together in about 5 hours. Wouldn’t had taken that long if the product were a little better modified. Not only were the holes not lined up but once he got to the part where he connected the slide to the swing set, the holes for the screws on the slide were way higher then the bar it connected to on the set. He had to shove the ladder to the slide way down in the ground just to connect it to the swing set. With that being said, once my son seen it and played on it he loved it. Only have used it once so far, but I think it will hold up for a long time.
  • It is a really nice swing set. It was easy to put together and my 3 year old loves it. The only complaints I have were the hardware kit was not well sealed, the glider holes were not aligned correctly so we had to practically force it on. And the slide was missing 4 screw. As far as holding together it is doing great. Not sure how to lower swing anymore.
  • This item arrived on time, with all the parts, and clear instructions for assembly. We are pleased with the put-together product, and so is our granddaughter! It seems sturdy, and should last for as long as we need it. We will be purchasing stakes to make sure it stays on the ground, as those are not included. But all in all, a good product.
  • Was the best purchase I have made in a long time. The smiles that this swing set brought was worth every penny and more!
  • My 2 year old daughter loves it, we can’t get her to go inside. Its hard to put together, but a great product. It was even still standing after the tropical storm Hermine. With wind gusts up to 50-60 MPH, the only thing that didn’t was the yellow plastic for the trampoline. Great product. We had bought this for our Grand daughter
  • Purchased this in August of 2014 for my great-grandson. He loved it but after 2 years the slide is like sandpaper and the plastic holding it together has cracked open. Foot rest on the glider are broken. Foam on trampoline has disintegrated. Thought it would last longer than this. He is the only one to use it so it has not been abused.
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90-day warranty on small individual parts
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