Spider-Drone The Official Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Edition Powered by Sky Viper

Spider-Drone The Official Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Edition Powered by Sky Viper

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The Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone powered by Sky Viper, with Auto Hover and Auto Land, as Seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Everyone’s favorite web-slinger is back in Spider-Man: Homecoming, sporting a new high-tech gadget. Own the Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone, a functional replica of Spidey’s eight-legged, surveillance drone. The ergonomic flight controller with spidey-suit inspired design includes Voice Feedback with phrases straight from the blockbuster film. Complete the experience by downloading the free Spider-Drone app, which hosts a flight manual, checklist of flight achievements and other enhancements. This Spider-Drone is a must for any wall-crawler collection.

Product Features:

Unique spider theme is reminiscent of the drone’s design and movement in the movie

Powered by Viper Flight 5, with Flight Assist features such as Auto Hover and Auto Land

Custom Spider-Man-themed controller sets the tone and offers dual flight modes – Manual and Auto

Voice Feedback Controller offers verbal flight assistance with phrases from the movie

Front and rear LED lights cut through low-light situations and illuminate Spider-Drone’s striking design


  • I have had some practice flying drones and I was surprised at how badly calibrated this was out of the box. I could barely get in the air to calibrate. After several mishaps I was able to fly it. The design is pretty cool – you just need to be ready to crash (often).
  • We have a 10 year old who has flown small drones and helicopters, but this was his first “real” drone. We had heard that it was difficult to control, but our experience was opposite … this one was fast to set up, easy to control, and he had a lot of fun. It was very sleek, we loved the little lights in front and back (the red ones were a little spooky but fun). Our only word of caution is that it is very light and susceptible to even the slightest wind. One time a gust took it quite far and we had to track it down. Any further and we would have lost it. So save it for wind-less days!
  • As a beginner drone flyer, this drone is super cool. However, I had a trouble flying it in the beginning. It takes time to calibrate and get the handle of it to stay in the air. Highly recommend flying this in an open space such as the park instead of the backyard. Be prepare for many crashes. The design looks cool and resembles a spider.
  • My boys were super excited when I brought this home and couldn’t wait to use it. Honestly, the toughest part were the fights over who was going to fly it. The initial takeoff is easy but keeping it up in the air is a challenge and I recommend a wide open space. After flying it in our small backyard we decided to take it to a nearby school to fly it to have more room.
  • The sounds and lights are super fun on this drone, however, it was pretty hard for me to actually fly. I think it needs someone who will know how to actually calibrate it. I’ve used other drones that were pretty easy to fly right out of the box and that’s what i was hoping for. However, it does have more entertainment value than other drones since it’s licensed and has the cool sounds.

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