Spalding 88454G 54" Glass In-Ground Basketball System

Spalding 88454G 54″ Glass In-Ground Basketball System

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The Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System will transform your backyard into a basketball court. This system features a tempered glass backboard with heavy-duty steel frame to offer long lasting performance. The four-inch Square Steel PolePro Image Breakaway Rim effectively reduces the shattering of backboard and risk of hand injury. The board offset u-turn lift system allows you to adjust the rim from 7 to 10 feet in gradual increments. The ground sleeve that comes with this 54-inch glass basketball system makes for easy installation and removal of the item. Play every shot with confidence with this basketball backboard system. Made by Spalding, this is sports equipment you can trust.

Spalding In-Ground Basketball System:


  • 54″ x 32″ Backboard1/4″
  • Tempered GlassSteel Board Frame
  • 2′ Board Offset U-Turn Lift System
  • 4″ Square Steel PolePro Image Breakaway Rim


  • Everything went together perfect. It took a couple days for the cement to cure but the system itself was easy to put together and we are very happy with it.
  • While this was more difficult to install than I thought, it is well worth it. Very sturdy and beautiful system.
  • Definetaly a project to install but end result is that it’s very sturdy and easy to lower or rise. The picture shows lower net but not at its lowest
  • Haven’t put the goal up due to prepping the area for the goal. Partially put together, but my son loves his goal.
  • I paid $412 and believe this is a good value given the quality of the glass backboard, pole, and rim. The instructions were decent, but reading the other reviews was very helpful. Overall, I’m pleased with the install and quality (have been using it for 3 weeks now and no issues at all). The system is sturdy – just a minor vibration when hitting off center shots. A couple of comments regarding the installation: – I trashed the plastic sleeve after reading other reviews that it would make the pole vibrate. Think this is a good idea as the pole is solid in the ground. – I dug the hole deeper than required and added stone and concrete as a base so that the pole was at the correct depth (about 15 inches). – I used quick setting concrete with some rebar (approx. 700 pounds for the hole and 100 in the pole). – I didn’t follow the directions for setting the pole. Since I didn’t use the plastic sleeve, I filled the hole and then inserted the lower section of the pole (didn’t need the bracket or wood support to level the pole as indicated in the directions – perhaps due to the quick setting concrete). – The next day, I installed the second section of the pole. The problem I had was fitting the two poles together so that the holes for the screw aligned. I had to drill a new hole for the center screw – fitting the poles together was too tight. I was within an inch – quick fix, not a problem since the pole is filled with concrete. – Prior to filling the pole with concrete, use heavy tape and perhaps paper towels over the center seam and other holes. I taped the holes and seam but it didn’t prevent the concrete from running down the pole. I touched up the minor dripping stains with a matte type of spray paint. Looks much better. -Hanging the backboard requires several people. The glass is heavy and not easy to maneuver (unless you have a scaffolding type ladder). – Make sure the plastic cap on top fits tight to keep water/rain from entering the pole. My cap didn’t fit tight (due to having to force the poles together), so I made a cover from galvanized sheet metal (can buy at home depot or lowe’s for a dollar).
  • Buy another system. Gorrilla makes a nice easy to install system. Bought this and it was an absolute night mare. The pole does not want to go back into ground sleeve and even when it does it will ALWAYS have a wobble. I wish I could have given 0 stars.


The Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Glass Backboard features a sturdy, two-piece 4'' square p...
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