Sony Wireless Headphones MDRRF985RK

Sony Wireless Headphones MDRRF985RK

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Listen to music, talk radio, television shows, podcasts and more with the Sony 900MHZ Wireless Headphones MDRRF985RK. These lightweight, compact headphones have a cord-free design for effortless use. The 40mm driver unit offers an expressive sound while an easy-adjust headband ensures long-term comfort. The heaphones are designed to enhance your overall listening experience, with a noise reduction system for minimal transmission and interference. Automatic tuning provides you with optimum signal reception. The wireless FM headphones, 150′ range have an impressive 25 hour battery life. The headphones can be recharged in 3.5 hours or less for added convenience. Volume controls are built right in for effortless operation. The 900mhz headphones 25 hours battery life can be used with a wide range of different devices, and connect easily to TV sets, Hi-Fi units and more for effortless use.
Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF 900MHz Headphones:

  • Wireless FM headphones for cord-free listening
  • 40mm driver units for expressive sound
  • Easy-adjust headband for long-term comfort
  • Noise reduction system for minimal transmission noise
  • Automatic tuning for optimum signal reception
  • Up to 150′ reception range
  • Approximately 25 hours battery life
  • Fast recharge (approximately 3.5 hours for a full charge)
  • Volume control on headphones
  • Easy connection to TV, Hi-Fi and other components


  • Bought for my senior father to watch TV. Great Sound, easy set-up…excellent quality.
  • This was a replacement purchase. We were pleased to find that the charging stand was exactly like our original headphones so we did not have to setup the charging stand, just set the new ones on the stand and we were able to use them that evening. We wish we could have just bought. New headphones without the stand. We found that if we charged both sets, we could both use the headphones at the same time, this let us listen while others were present in the house and wouldn’t be bothered. The old set foam has deteriorated but is still usable. Excellent stereo. Better than TV sound.
  • Easy set-up and works wonderfully so far! I bought it for my father as a present and he enjoys using them.
  • Has 3 channels on the base charger and the ear phones automatically switch to that channel when you flip the switch on the ear phones. That is just the start. When you hang the head phones onto the base charger, the head phones automatically switch off and the charger switches on. Great sound too with the volume control on the right and the on/off switch on the left. Specially made for TV
  • bought these so I could hear clearly the tv this is one of the best investments I have ever made the sound is perfect they are very comfortable very very happy with them
  • I got these headphones from USA after considering among several other brands. My primary objective was to use it for TV when watching movies at night. Also, English is not my mother tongue, I had always relied on headphones to get the exact pronunciation for my easy understanding. Thanks to the right pick, I have fulfilled both of my requirements completely. It gives crisp clarity over Stereo / Mono even it decodes 5.1 output in my digital set top box. Working range is more than adequate for a 2-3 story household like mine. In some occasions it gives some distortion and a hiss but after reading a Sony instruction I got it worked out either changing the channel or connect/reconnect the power or the audio cables few times. It sure addresses the issue 100%. Wearing the headphones is as comfortable as it fits to my ears. Also the battery life is amazing that I charge it very rarely. Suffice to say the best choice and great value for money.
  • First impression of these headphones was how comfortable they are to wear. Even with Long sessions of wear my head/neck does not get tired. They are very light for their size. Set up was simple with only a few cords to for power and audio source. Sound is excellent but did have some initial trouble, as other reviews state i had random static and a ticket noise that was quite annoying. After doing some of my own troubleshooting i discovered it was my home router causing the issues. After some re-arranging of my computer desk i got them to work perfect with no interference (Acutally only had to move my router about 1 foot.). I have had no issues when docking the headset to charge, it fits in perfectly everytime. The stand/headset combo is appealing so when not in use they are a great piece for decoration.
  • best use for tv, cant be used with phone. Unless u have a outlet for the receiver in your pocket. yes its wireless for your head but its not for your phone. NOT BLUETOOTH COMPATABLE
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