Sony ICFC707 Digital AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with Nature Sound Selections Black

Sony ICFC707 Digital AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio with Nature Sound Selections Black

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Wake up and fall asleep to soothing sounds from nature with this clock radio that features direct-access nature sounds, including ocean, birds, rainfall, babbling brook or under-the-sea options. A 2-, 5- or 7-day alarm option fits your unique schedule.

Nature sound selections

Lets you choose between ocean, birds, rainfall, babbling brook or under-the-sea listening options to create peaceful ambiance.

Dual alarms

Let you wake up the radio, buzzer or 1 of 5 nature sounds. A 2-, 5- or 7-day alarm helps you wake up on your schedule.

Automatic time set

Utilizes a built-in calendar to automatically make the proper time adjustments. The built-in lithium battery maintains the correct time in case of a power outage.

Digital AM/FM radio

Lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programs.

Large, backlit display

For easy readability during the day or at night

Snooze option

With extendable snooze setting from 10-60 minutes.

Built-in 3.5mm audio cable

Allows connection of MP3 players or portable audio devices for listening to your music. The radio will not dock or charge players through use by this method.

Indoor thermostat

Displays the room temperature.


  • My son hasn’t over slept for school yet . Big number are easy to see.
  • This little radio solved the problem of getting, news and music to our new sunroom. We can listen to our favorite stations, plug in my ipad, plug in the ipod, etc. for a wide variety of tunes.
  • The clock performs great.
    Just 2-Cons: 1): I wish that the Clock-display could dim more. 2): The radio sound is very tinny .
    Pro: Great radio for the price and easy to use
  • Fine for falling asleep at night. I’m using mostly the seaside sounds at night.
  • I work shift work so I can have a morning and evening alarm time to choose. The alarm is not so loud as to wake other people in the house.
  • Works great! Performs exactly as you think it should. Sound quality is good for the price. Only thing I would change is the color of the background with the clock. Black numerals on a blue background can be hard to read at a distance.
  • After looking at several other alarm clocks/clock radios, I decided on this Sony digital one. I like the fact that it has extra features that others do not have. It has 2 separate alarms, it has adjustable brightness(which I love at night), and it also has a backup battery so if you lose power, you don’t go without your clock or alarm. This is a well made unit too, it’s Sony. And if you need help going to sleep, you can play the nature sounds that it comes with too.
  • I found this easy to set up and program. I like that it is small and really like the nature sounds. Sound quality could be better but I did not pay that much for it so I was not expecting Bose quality. Overall it was a good purchase.
  • We purchased these for the kids bedrooms and I have no issues. The small profile is nice and great product.
  • lost my last alarm clock to a lightning storm bought this with a surge protector and is working great
  • I don’t mind spending $50 for a Sony product but you would think that someone at Sony would have put this through its paces before selling. The display has 2 brightness levels or no illumination. The least bright is so bright that at night you can’t make out the numbers until your eyes adjust. Also, it is too bright if you like a dark room to sleep in.
    As a clock radio bedside, it’s not useful because of the lighting