Sony CFD-S50 Stereo CD Boombox

Sony CFD-S50 Stereo CD Boombox

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Enjoy full-function, portable audio at home or on the go with the easy-to-use CFD-S50 Sony CD Boombox. With MEGA BASS for extended bass response and your choice of CD, cassette, MP3 and FM/AM radio playback, this product lets you enjoy a wide range of music. This Sony boombox operates on AC and battery power alike, so you can enjoy amazing sound at home or on the go. This item can run for up to 19 hours on its batteries, making it perfect for parties in places without power. Use the aux audio input to connect tablets, smartphones and other digital music devices, so you can take advantage of the powerful sound of this stereo CD boombox.
Sony CFD-S50 Stereo CD Boombox:

  • FM/AM radio with 30 presets (20 FM, 10 AM)
  • 3.25″ speakers
  • AC and battery power options
  • Battery option requires six C batteries (not included)
  • Up to 19 hours of battery life
  • Supports CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback
  • Cassette player and recorder
  • Aux audio input lets you connect digital music players
  • MEGA BASS bass boost circuitry enhances low-frequency bass performance at the touch of a button
  • AC power cord included
  • Stereo CD boombox


  • This “boombox” is def worth the price. It has excellent sound and plays all forms of media…yes, even tapes…I kept looking twice at it and read all the reviews on Amazon. I needed something to play songs off of my Ipod and mp3 players with, and this little gem did the trick…I was leaning more towards the other name brand that was about $20 cheaper….until I read the awful reviews on that one…trust me..spend the exrtra $20…this is def worth every penny. The only little drawback is that when you plug in our device thru the aux cord, the sound is not as loud, however because this has such a wide range of sound, you have plenty of room to crank it up and the music still comes out to a very decent volume…and believe me…I like my music loud! Great buy! Wish I would have gotten this sooner!
  • The sound quality is very good for the type of product it is. We have it in our sunroom and it’s perfect for it! The only draw back is that the cord that hooks into the back of it comes out easily when you move it.
  • Sony builds quality products. I was looking for a reliable CD/cassette player that also played MP3 formats and had decent/good sound for a reasonable price. This is my second unit actually as a gift to a family member.
  • overall for me a decent “boombox”. the only cons so far is playing a tape at low volume 7 or 8 you hear the mechanics of the tape player and when using the fast forward and rewind features the buttons do not return to the off position you have to do this manually. that said this does what i need it for.
  • This is my second purchase of the Sony model CFD player. The older version recently burned out. The newer version mega bass sucks. The older version sounds much better. The volume is much better than the previous version. It goes up to 31. Sony needs to improve on sound quality. The average consumer is dishing out 50.00 bucks or more for this system.
  • I like the overall Sony quality but the display is minimal, no alpha numeric, and finding an MP3 file is almost hopeless, just a number 0 to 999 and a folder number 0 to 999. You can’t get to folder two until you have passed through folder 1 so if folder 1 has 100 songs you have to press “next” 100 times to get to folder two. It has no treble or bass control which I need when I’m listening to speech at a distance and the boominess makes it hard to understand.
  • I bought this boombox for the brand that I’ve always trusted. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The buttons have never worked right, and the play button often can’t be pushed down. Now I’m considering an off brand; it can’t work any worse.
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