Simmons Beautyrest Egg Crate BigSleep 3″ Convoluted Foam Topper

Simmons Beautyrest Egg Crate BigSleep 3″ Convoluted Foam Topper

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Add a layer of comfort to your bed with the Beautyrest Convoluted Foam Topper. The supportive foam cradles every part of the body to help relieve pressure points, so you sleep comfortably all night long. With supportive foam measuring 3″, the Beautyrest Convoluted Foam Topper is a simple, yet effective way to bring another layer of comfort to your bed. The convoluted design is aimed at reducing stress on pressure points to make your rest much more comfortable. The Beautyrest Convoluted Foam Topper is an excellent choice for improving the comfort of your bed. Supportive foam styled in a convoluted design relieves bodily stress and at 3″ thick, this topper adds support to heighten overall sleep quality. Adding a layer of luxury to your bed has never been easier. Available in 5 sizes Twin 34 in. x 72 in., Full 52 in. x 72 in., Queen 58 in. x 75 in., King 74 in. x 75 in., California King 72 in. x 80 in. Simmons Beautyrest BigSleep 3″ Convoluted Foam Topper:

  • 3″ highly resilient polyurethane foam provides exceptional support
  • Simmons Beautyrest foam topper has a convoluted cut that helps relieve pressure points and reduce tossing and turning
  • Quick-recovery foam keeps it shape over time
  • Twin: 72″ x 34″
  • Full: 72″ x 52″
  • Queen: 75″ x 58″
  • King: 75″ x 74″
  • California King: 80″ x 72″
  • Care instructions: damp wipe only


Fabric Care InstructionsSpot Clean Only


  • As I read through all the comments, most absolutely positive, I could not believe my good fortune. I have been searching for a THICK foam topper for my mattress for years. I have used one for the past 20 years, lost it somewhere along the way. In trying to find a replacement, I could find nothing close to the density I had prior. In fact, I laughed at the current offerings and was appalled at the costs. Searching Walmart on the web was the smartest thing I have done. After reading the reviews, I felt there was an excellent chance this item was what I was looking for. And the price?? Too good to be true? This topper is every ting everyone said it was. And I dare anyone to find this anywhere else for $12 !! Now my body is so happy. The density does not let there be a dent where I sleep, like the one this replaced. I am supported, don’t toss and turn, wake feeling rested and I am thrilled. I can’t thank the reviews enough for taking time to leave their feedback and for the Walmart shoppers for finding this topper and selling at an affordable price !!
  • Very pleased with this product. It is thick and firm and very comfortable. Also, the price was very good. I have priced similar products that cost more. Would order again.
  • Just enough grooves & dips in this foam mattress topper to take away the ‘straight board flatness’ that an even a top end expensive mattress can create. Helped my mom, who’s super tiny… get some some relief from laying flat out on a really decent mattress. Meant to order the queen size to fit her queen bed. But since she basically sleeps in the middle of her big ole’ bed, it ended up working out just fine. It REALLY makes a noted difference in her comfortability when getting a good night’s sleep, so that she’s not laying flat board stiff, even on a very expensive, decent mattress. I still might order the queen size topper for her bed (just for symmetry sake, lol) and re-purpose this twin size to the L/R couch that she chillax’s on, during the day! I highly recommend this topper as it doesn’t seem like it will lose it’s form, nor sturdiness after constant & continuous use . 🙂
  • I received it rolled up in a box. I opened it up and it did not have a noticeable odor and inflated quickly. Looks good and appears to be 3″ thick.
  • It adds an extra layer of softness to my bed because my bed was hard to sleep on. My back was hurting and the extra cushion helped my back pain go away on most days. My back feels a lot better and I hardly wake up with pain from sleeping on a hard bed. This was a lot cheaper for me than buying a new mattress. I recommend it to anyone whom has a hard bed and wants a softer feel.
  • Bought this to put on hospital bed. Works great. No longer feel the matress springs. Does not move around when head and feet are raised and lowered.
  • Bought this instead of getting a new mattress for daughter, she loves it and it cost me a whole lot less than a fancy mattress that had comfort. No complaints at all!
  • This just arrived and looks NOTHING like the photo. Does not even say it comes from Simmons – the tag says Hollander Sleep Products and is a piece of garbage! What a waste of time….
Simmons Beautyrest BigSleep 3" Convoluted Foam Topper:3" highly resilient polyurethane foam provides exceptional supportConvoluted cut helps relieve pressure points and reduce tossing and turningQuick...
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