SHARKK Rugged/Waterproof BoomBox Bluetooth Speaker

SHARKK Rugged/Waterproof BoomBox Bluetooth Speaker

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The SHARKK Rugged/Waterproof BoomBox Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for on-the-go activities. It doubles as a phone and tablet charger for your microUSB devices, so you are always powered up. It supports AUX connections, Bluetooth v4.0 technology and Siri functionality, so you get the most out of your listening experience. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a nice design and features impressive bass with very loud treble to give you the ultimate audio experience. It makes a nice gift. Raise the roof and get ready to party wherever you are with this durable SHARKK Rugged/Waterproof BoomBox Bluetooth Speaker.
SHARKK Rugged/Waterproof BoomBox Bluetooth Speaker:

  • SHARKK Bluetooth speaker doubles as a phone and tablet charger for all microUSB devices
  • 6,600mAh long-lasting battery for over 30 hours of playback
  • Power: 10W
  • Supports AUX, Bluetooth 4.0 and higher, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Siri
  • Impressive, eye-catching design
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Provides the ultimate audio experience


  • Mine lasted 8 months of occasional use. Bluetooth quit. They replaced promptly under the 1 year warranty (excellent customer service). Buggy Bluetooth connection initially, and range is half advertised (20-25 feet). If stellar sound is not a desire, get a DOSS soundbox , 1/3 price and 70+ foot connection range. Pros: 1. LOud 2. Great BASS !! 3. Long life battery (6600miah), 30+ hours on charge. cell charger port. Cons: 1. Bluetooth issue 2. short range.
  • work great so far does everything it says played so far 12 hours on a single charge and still going
  • We are very happy with this item. The speaker sits in an open window where it has gotten rained and snowed on. So far no problems. I wish it was a little louder, but other than that, it is a great purchase! Holding up better than the Bose we bought last year.
  • First of all…let me say I was provided with a free copy of this item from Sharkk for testing and my fair and honest evaluation. I was excited to get the opportunity to test this unit out as our family does a lot of outdoor activities and we wanted a good, rugged, water resistant speaker. The first day I received it, I ripped open the box and paired it right away. I was immediately disappointed with the sound quality. Yes that’s right…it wasnt that full sounding or clear (muddled in fact). I thought maybe I am expecting too much from a waterproof speaker under $100 and perhaps unfair to compare to the Sonos speakers throughout our home. So I ignored it for a few days wondering why Sharkk would send me such an average sounding speaker to review. And then I was asked to try it again when my son wanted to try it with his iPhone…. Let me just say wow. I am not sure what the deal was with the first day(think this may have been related to one of the EQ settings), but this sounded totally different (full, clear, etc…). So with that, I got excited and got into full blown testing mode. I tried it out in our large shower and it worked great! (Such an awesome way to start the day). In addition, when I was showing it off to my wife and comparing it to our Sonos, I was surprised that with some types of music it sounded better than the Sonos Play 1. It couldn’t compete with the Play 3, but the Play 3 is quite a bit more $ (and isn’t portable, water resistant, etc…) I really like our Sonos system speakers, but I know this speaker will get a lot more use and am about to order two more for our sons. The main pros for me are: 1. Portability (campfires, beach trips, kayaking) 2. Ability to play any sound from your mobile devices (youtube, games, music, etc…) 3. Pretty decent sound quality 4. Long times between charging…(used this on and off for 5 days and havent charged it yet). 5. Ability to charge mobile devices from the speaker (nice to have a spare reserve). Cons: 1.Does it come in black? 2. Flashing Blue light at night can bother those with trouble sleeping
  • I’ve been using these speakers for a little over a week now and here are the major points: The speakers, sound quality wise, are pretty good. For audiophiles you’ll notice the mid-range is the best, but the bass and highs fall flat a bit. Overall though, for the price, the audio range is great. Just a tip in general, try not to put these speakers on soft surfaces like a mattress – the sound will get absorbed and not come out as clear. The range in volume with this speaker is fantastic, although I do suggest not just pushing the volume to max immediately because it might blow the speakers. The speakers are very rugged – the weight personally doesn’t bother me, but understand these speakers are dense. Another thing to note are the sound clips that play for each of the buttons. Personally, I’m not a fan of the voice speaking every time I turn it on or the hard click at each end of the volume end. Still a minor pet peeve. One really great thing about these speakers is they have a fantastic battery life and can even act as a charging station for your phone. Overall fantastic product for anyone looking for a portable speaker. If you’re THAT audiophile, I would suggest maybe looking at another product because the lack of bass and highs is noticeable. Disclosure, I was provided a free copy of this product for testing and my honest review.


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