Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum NV680

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum NV680

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The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum, NV680 is a cutting edge, reliable and versatile vacuum cleaner that can handle nearly any mess. It can be used as a conventional vacuum or detached from the base to clean stairs, ceilings, under furniture and other tricky places. If features clear, bright LED lights on the floor nozzle to help you see hidden dirt and debris when cleaning. Fingertip controls conveniently located on the handle make it easier than ever to transition from carpet cleaning to hard surfaces. The Shark rotator vacuum features intelligent swivel steering for razor-sharp turning and easy maneuvering around furniture. It is designed to trap 99 percent of dust, allergens inside the vacuum and sports dual foam filters to keep irritants from becoming airborne. This 2-in-1 vacuum is reliable, powerful and is a calming, neutral green color.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum, NV680:

  • Powered Lift-Away 2-in-1 Vacuum with Dust-Away Pro cleaner head
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Shark rotator vacuum with fingertip floor controls


  • Worked great!! Love how it switches so easily back and forth for hardwood floors and carpet.
  • The product is powerful and actually fun to use. I literally spend hours a day cleaning so I need the best vacuum available and this is it. With the lift away feature you can reach dirt anywhere it is! The new and improved model NV680 is lighter than before with all of the Shark power. Great attachments and the bare floor cleaner is fantastic in my kitchen . I have to admit this is my third Shark …… love them all. I have one upstairs and two downstairs. You would never regret buying a Shark …. ever.
  • My fourteen year old Dyson, which served me so well from wall to wall carpeting, to hardwood floors and area rugs both with many hairy pets, finally went to vacuum heaven. I knew I didn’t need the expense of another Dyson since we now have all wood, but we still have, and always will have, the many hairy pets. After a ton of research I decided on the Shark Rotater Powered Lift-Away Speed. I was in love from the first hello. I was truly embarrassed when I saw what the Dyson was missing. Yuck! This vacuum is powerful, lightweight (love this), easy to maneuver, easy storage and access to tools and functioning buttons. The love affair is on! I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner.
  • I’m loving this little vacuum. It is easy to push and has excellent suction. The bare floor attachment is very useful on ceramic tile as well as hardwood. I definitely feel like my carpets are cleaner.
  • I like the vacuum because its easy to use, has attachments for quick switching. I use it on area rug then hard floor with just a switch. I have noticed a big change from my old vacuum.
  • I was looking for a vacuum that would pick up the dirt and pet hair. I have purchased expensive vacuums that left the hairs on the carpet. I began to lose hope until I purchased the Shark. This vacuum really works! It vacuums up all the hairs and dirt and leaves the room smelling clean. I’m finally happy and glad I bought this vacuum.
  • I did some research, read a number of reviews and decided on this Shark over other models and brands. It’s light and very easy to maneuver with the rotating head. The best thing for me, though, is being able to vacuum under furniture (like my couch)! Lift the canister off, and you can vacuum under couches, dressers, anything that has about five-six inches of clearance. It also picks up a ton of stuff you thought your other vacuum got! On top of all that, the price is definitely right!
Uninterrupted floor to ceiling cleaning- Easily clean under furniture, above the floor, and hard to reach places- Detachable vacuum pod- Powerful motorized floor nozzle- LED lights on floor nozzle and...
Brand: SharkMerchant: Walmart US
Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Bagless Upright Canister Vacuum - NV681. Multi-purpose cleaning attachments for above-floor cleaning, from upholstery to furniture to tight spaces. Floor nozzle include...
Brand: SharkMerchant: CPO
6.7 amps of power; bagless design; Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology; washable HEPA filter; 12" cleaning path width; includes Dust-Away Pro cleaner head and more
Brand: SharkMerchant: Best Buy
The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away features two vacuums in one. This powerful upright and portable Lift-Away make vacuuming quick and easy on carpets, bare floors, and above floor surfaces. Youl...
Brand: SharkMerchant: Walmart US
HEPA; foam filters; crevice tool; motorized brush; pet multi tool; hard floor hero attachment
Brand: SharkMerchant: Best Buy