Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV355

Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV355

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The Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV355 provides powerful deep carpet and bare floor cleaning. Its innovative interior never loses suction, even in the presence of tough messes like pet fur or soil. Cleaning has never been faster or easier with the lightweight upright vacuum’s unique, large-capacity portable canister. With an exclusive Dust-Away hard floor attachment, it’s easy to remove dust and debris from hardwood, linoleum and other firm surfaces. Turn the brushroll on or off with just the click of a button to switch between various surfaces. The Shark Professional upright vacuum is lightweight and steerable. Its built-in Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology traps over 99.99 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not back into the air you breathe. This Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum NV355 comes with a pre-installed lifetime HEPA filter.
Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV355:

  • Never Loses Suction technology ensures that you don’t experience plugs or clogs
  • Lightweight, extra-large capacity portable canister can handle large messes effortlessly
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA helps to reduce airborne allergens for a cleaner home
  • Dust-Away bare floor attachment comes with 1 microfiber pad for more thorough cleaning
  • Swivel steering: easy to maneuver into tight spaces and crevices
  • Keep your home clean with the Shark Professional upright vacuum
  • HEPA filtration helps to improve overall indoor air quality
  • Handheld portion makes cleaning stairs and other graded surfaces simple


  • this vacuum is lightweight and has the most amazing suction I have ever seen. There is a stair tool that cleans amazingly and a crevice tool and a bare floor tool. The cannister lifts off easily and the vacuum has a nice long cord on it. You can reach anything. I highly recommend this vacuum.
  • I just received my Shark vacuum and I am very pleased with the strong suction and easy way it works. I was happy to see it swept up the dog hair so well. Highly recommend it.
  • Everyone has seen those Vacuuming commercials however when I did my own using my old vacuum first then the shark pro It was amazing how much more it picked up, I feel it’s a great value. That’s all that matters right
  • Great machine. Love the swivel steering and the light weight. However, major disappointment with the suction for edge cleaning, I always have to use the floor tools to get those areas. Would be a 5 star product otherwise.
  • This vac worked absolutely great. Couldn’t believe the dirt and hair is got out of carpet. Have only used once and was very impressed. It’s a little heavy but can deal with it.
  • I purchased this vacuum at Wal Mart just over one month ago after seeing the late night infomercials. This vacuum works wonderfully on our hardwoods and tile floors. The thing that I’m most impressed with is how well it works on carpeting and rugs. Our home is only 6 years old and for the first time, I actually enjoy vacuuming because I can clearly see a difference after I vacuum the carpets. The brush never stops spinning, no matter if its a thin rug or thick carpeting. (I’ve had 2 other vacuums within the past 6 years, always had issues with keeping the brush spinning on carpet) The carpets are visibly more fluffy after vacuuming and the suction with this vacuum is amazing. It practically lifts my area rugs off the floor. It is lightweight, though seems a bit heavy at times because of the suction power but I’m definitely not complaining. Would have liked more dusting type attachments with it but I’m probably just going to see if I can order those separately.
  • We were delighted to receive this new vacuum. It is easy to handle and does our chairs, hardwood floors and carpets. Pulls up pet hair and it is surprising how much you find in the dust compartment after use. I thought we were relatively clean, but it let us know quickly what was lurking and unknown to our casual glance. We are thankful we plunged forward for the purchase. Good buy!
  • This vacuum is great! The suction is better then my very expensive Kirby! I have 2 minor complaints. 1- the vacuum tips over easy, 2-I really love the super long cord that my Kirby had. I wish this vacuum had a longer cord. It is still a good length, but longer would be alittle more helpful.
  • I purchased this vaccum about 2 weeks ago and its gotta be the worst vaccum ive ever purchased. The first thing that i did not like about this vaccum was that its top heavy and it falls over anytime you use the hose and if its not set up against something and it gets slightly tapped it will fall over. Secondly the brush stops rolling if any little piece of string or hair gets caught in the brush, vaccuming my apartment has never taken up so much of my time as it does with this vaccum. I have to stop at least twice to remove stuff from the roller brush each time i vaccum. It did not come with the brush attachment as it shows in the box so i was quite disappointed due to the fact that i have several cats and a guinea pig and have lots of fur on my furniture. The suction isnt as great as they make it out to be, ive noticed cat litter on the carpet after having vaccumed and i have to go over the same area several times before it picks everything up. Then today when vacuuming it started making an awful noise, i thought maybe it had something stuck in the hose so I took it apart and nothing. I stated it again and the noise continued. Ive packed it up and it will be going back to the store today. Ill never buy a shark again. The quality of this machine does not match its price im very disapointed and i will not be recommending this vaccum to anyone.
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