Serta Raised Pillow Top Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Queen

Serta Raised Pillow Top Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump Queen

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The Serta Air Bed is convenient, portable and the ultimate in inflatable comfort! This versatile air bed makes it easy for you to host guests in any room of your home at a moment’s notice.
Serta Raised Pillow Top Air Bed with NeverFlat AC Pump, Queen:

  • Patented powerful internal NeverFlat AC pump inflates and deflates bed quickly
  • Sensors monitor air pressure continuously and engage a silent secondary pump as necessary to maintain a consistent firmness
  • Customizable firmness selection
  • Removable pillow top cover feels like a real mattress
  • Carry bag included
  • Inflated dimensions: 78″ x 60″ x 19″
  • Top, side and bottom material: K80 PVC 0.45mm
  • Model# ST840018


  • Because the mattress is so thick its had to get the sheets to stay even with deep pocket sheets My wife said she’ll look for extra deep pocket sheets
  • Easy to inflate/deflate. It is firm. The pillow top is nice, but we added an extra mattress cover for comfort.
  • Very high quality. Optional settings are extremely beneficial . You will not be disappointed
  • Although it is moderately comfortable to sleep on, what comes in the box at this time* is a bed that measures 73X55X17, not 78X60X18 as listed on the box. In fact, those are approximately the measurements for a “full” size bed. The manufacturer sent me another, but it also did not meet the size specification listed on the carton. Their customer service manager told me that they were having problems with undersized product at present. Needless to say, the “pillow top” cover did not even come close to fitting – it was a full “queen” size trying to fit onto a “full” size mattress – – ain’t gonna happen. * I said “at this time” because the first one I bought a couple of years back, that unfortunately got cut, was indeed a “queen” size mattress, measuring the full 78X60X18″. So, HEADS UP when you purchase one of these. You may NOT end up with what you paid for.
  • So far with limited use, the mattress is as advertised. Like the fact it is made with heavy material. Agree with other reviews about the mattress cover as it does not stay attached. It could have longer sides to it to help. But so far pumps work with no problems. Queen sheets fit well. Happy with purchase.
  • I personally used the bed for several days while my guests were here. I’d purchased it for the guests but decided that it might not be as comfortable for 2 more than average weight adults as it would for myself, a 75 year old senior citizen. It was comfortable enough and did not lose any air but I did not feel as though I was sleeping on a real bed. I definitely would not call the mattress cover a pillow top; I think that the illustration is somewhat deceptive as it is, in fact, the same thickness as a standard mattress cover and does not grip the top of the bed as tightly as I would have liked it to. The directions illustrated the cord going under the bed to the electric outlet at the bed’s head. That was a tight fit and caused the plug to pull from the outlet. I used a heavy duty extension cord to prevent damage to the standard plug when its prongs would bend under the stress of the length of the cord.
  • Very nice bed! Super easy to set up. Even easier to deflate. It actually takes out all the air! Amazing! It folds right back up just like it was shipped. Oversized carrying bag a plus. I have to agree with other reviews about the pillow top. It is a nice addition but does slide off edges during the night. Kind of annoying but still nice feature. The pump works awesome. Once pumped up, the only way you knew it was working was the little red light. We never heard the pump during the night or the day! It held my husband and I and our dog and didn’t loose air. Giving 4 stars not 5 because of pillow topper. Needs a better design.
  • This air mattress is perfect in every way shape or form. It is very comfortable and very easy to use. I highly recommend to anyone looking to buying an air mattress that has very high quality!! You won’t regret it!
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