Scoop Away Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter 38 lb Box

Scoop Away Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter 38 lb Box

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Scoop Away Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter has Odor Guard technology to control the worst litter box odors. This formula is also fortified with Ammonia Shield to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Plus, thanks to the tight clumping formula, after you scoop out the clumps, youre left with virtually no stinky crumbles. Just scoop, top off and relax, with Scoop Away.

Usage Directions: Fill litter box with three to four inches of litter. Scoop out clumps and solids daily and dispose of them in the trash. Add more litter as needed.

Warnings: As a reminder, especially to pregnant women and immunosuppressed persons, cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Therefore, always remember to wash hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. For further information, consult your doctor. Unused cat litter poses no toxoplasmosis threat. Caution: Do not use this product as a traction aid because product becomes slippery and slick when wet.

Scoop Away Extra Strength, Scented Cat Litter, 38 lb Box:

  • One 38 lb carton of Scoop Away Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter
  • Maximum strength formula with Odor Guard technology controls extreme odors
  • Tight clumping cat litter leaves behind virtually no crumbles
  • Ammonia Shield helps stop ammonia odors from forming and inhibits bacterial odors
  • Just scoop and top off cat litter as needed


  • This is the best clumping litter I have ever tried. It actually clumps and doesn’t just turn into mud. There is a fair bit of dust, but if you clean the pan before kitty needs to use it the dust clears quickly. There is no smell of kitty anywhere in the house (and I have a small house.)
  • This litter does exactly what you want it to do. It’s not too dusty or powdery. Clean smell. Good product.
  • This litter works best (we’ve tried several brands) in our two-cat household. Pretty odorless, good clumping, good price.
  • Have used Scoop Away for over a year now and my cat is very pleased with it. It is easy to scoop and there is not an odor. In the past, she was irritated by some of the litter I tried, but she has not had any adverse reaction from this one. I am very happy to have found this litter. Happy cat-Happy mama!
  • I’ve tried them all over the years, and this one is the best at controlling orders. Can you really “never dump out”? I do dump it out from time to time, but instead of doing it every week or so, I do it every 4-6 weeks. That’s pretty close to “never,” if you ask me.
  • I have used this brand and have found it to be the only hard clumping litter out there. It clumps hard and is easily removable. It controls odor very well, but the heavy scent can be overpowering. I know they make an unscented litter, but I can’t find it locally. Would like to know if the unscented litter controls odor as well as the scented.
  • never again will i use cheap litter this stuff is amazing. works just like it says and we love it .
  • Wow, I can’t believe this stuff gets generally good reviews. I’ve tried it twice now, thinking the first batch I got must’ve been “off” somehow, and I’ll never buy it again. This is by far the dustiest litter I’ve ever used. We’re talking Pigpen-like clouds (remember the Charlie Brown cartoon character?) around the litter box when I replenish or when a cat uses it. Also, this stuff seems really dense, somehow–a 38 lb box of this gets used up much faster than with other brands I’ve used. I’ve had trouble with packaging both times I’ve bought it as well. I thought having 2 smaller boxes packed inside a larger box would make handling it easier, but it’s actually worse. You must open the big box, then dump out the smaller boxes because the handles on the smaller boxes won’t actually support the weight of the smaller boxes. Then, the convenient pull tab thingy just breaks off the smaller box, necessitating the use of a box cutter to get it open. The smaller box are too small to get an effective sized scoop into, so you must pour the litter, and the 19 lb box is difficult to pour using a handle that doesn’t support its weight. (This is remedied fairly quickly by the fact that you can easily pour out half the box in one fell swoop by accident and then you’ve only got 10 lbs to pour the next time you use it.) All in all, packaging gets a grade of D from me. Then we get to the real problem: this stuff clumps so hard that if wet litter comes into contact the actual litter box, you need a chisel to remove it. And then, if it sits for a few hours….break out the jack hammer. Seriously, I find myself pouring the stuff several inches deep to try to keep it from cementing to the box….and then the cats fling it all over the place as they dig and cover. I’ll go back to old fashioned litter before I use this again.
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