Sceptre 22 Inch LED 1080p Full HD Monitor E225W-1920

Sceptre 22 Inch LED 1080p Full HD Monitor E225W-1920

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Experience optimal picture quality and color resolution with the E225W 1920 Sceptre 22″ LED Monitor. 1080p Full HD resolution delivers stunning color and picture detail. A 5-millisecond response time displays action sequences with the highest degree of clarity while being quick enough for fast-paced gaming. It’s equipped with HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs to connect all video devices. The Sceptre monito features widescreen layout for easy viewing of multiple windows while using a computer. Offers sharp and crisp text and images even at small font sizes. The black HD 1080p monitor is set at a 16:9 aspect ratio which is ideal for viewing movies. The monitor comes with a sturdy base for quick setup on a desk. It also comes with hardware points for wall mounting, for added convenience.
Sceptre 22″ LED 1080p Full HD Monitor (E225W-1920):

  • 22″ diagonal LCD screen
  • This anti-glare monitor can be placed anywhere in the room
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Widescreen is perfect for viewing 2 documents side by side or for watching movies
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • Enjoy excellent image quality with the Sceptre monitor
  • Capable of displaying millions of colors for realistic photo and video reproduction
  • 5ms response time
  • Delivers exceptional performance that is especially noticeable when playing games and watching videos
  • Black HD 1080p monitor provides detailed text and graphics with a 0.253mm pixel pitch


  • Having never had anything better than 480p, I must say that this is quite an awesome piece of tech for $113 which is what I paid for it! Vibrant colors, bright whites, crisp clear lines. What’s there to say? I don’t know, but I’m in love with it.
  • I finally made the decision to buy a new monitor for my pc instead of buying used. I had previously bought a Sceptre television and was impressed with that so I chose this make and model based on previous satisfaction with the brand name. This monitor is better than the older Dell I was using. It works very well with Windows 8.1 and it includes a VGA cable in addition to the power cord. It was easy to hook up and I was happy with the padding and packaging when I picked it up at the local store through I would definitely buy this again!
  • Earlier reviews had me worried that this wasn’t compatible with Windows 10. I’d never heard of ANY display not being compatible with an operating system. Clues in those reviews led me to believe that those monitors had just been plugged in without shutting down or restarting the computer or selecting the correct input from the monitor menu (image too wide and cut off on the sides or no display at all) with no tweaking of the display settings on the computer. Well, I was right to go by those clues. It was literally plug and play. I shut down my computer and connected it. When I turned the computer on and powered on the monitor, it was all ready, already displaying in its native resolution and going into standby as it should. I really didn’t even have to adjust the brightness and contrast as I found the default settings were perfect for me. Crisp, clear HD picture…and the monitor itself is surprisingly large for a 22 inch. Absolutely perfect for my desk and my purposes. So yes, this monitor is in fact compatible with Windows 10 and works as it should. I didn’t bother with the speakers on the monitor since I’ve already had experience with the horrible sound from TVs this size. I have a nice quality vintage 2-channel stereo setup anyway that I’ve always used for my computers. I turned the volume down on the monitor without even testing it and left it at that. Very pleased with this monitor and highly recommended.
  • Just using vga right now, still a very good picture. Only thing is if you intend to mount, it has a neck you can’t remove. The neck fits into a base, which I did not use. I considered returning this, but since I intended to mount on a adjustable arm, I could use the neck like a handle instead of grabbing the sides of the monitor to adjust.
  • I was building my fist PC on a budget and the price and features of this monitor got my attention. I didn’t expect much but wow was I wrong. Multiple connecting ports, great looking picture and sound.
  • Timing was perfect! i got lucky i paid $89.99 for this, i am not sure because cyber monday was near, then i saw it went up in price. My only gripe is it should have more audio outputs than just the optical output. Had to buy an adapter, so i could have better sound than the built in speakers.
  • I just got home and hooked this monitor up. The icons were not completely on the desktop…..everything looked stretched. I got on chat, and the tech guy said NONE of their monitors were compatible with Windows 10. There was no where that this was mentioned when I bought it. Now, I have to pack it back up, return it, and order and wait again. There were no amends…..just I’m sorry…….not as sorry as I am. I also said that they needed to make their customers aware of this… I would not be buying another monitor from them, but maybe they could salvage some customers by informing them about this. So just in case, they don’t let you know, I wanted to inform anyone that is looking at Sceptre monitors.
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