SanDisk 240GB Internal SATA Solid State Drive for Laptops

SanDisk 240GB Internal SATA Solid State Drive for Laptops

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Increase computer speed with this SanDisk hard drive. It’s capable of reading files at up to 535MB/sec., making start-ups and shutdowns perform up to 20 times faster. The durable, reinforced design protects against damage caused by shock and excessive vibrations, keeping files safe from harm. Extend your computer’s battery life with the efficient, quiet performance of this SanDisk hard drive.

240GB storage capacity

Provides ample storage space for your music, movies and other files.

SATA lll interface

Offers simple connection to your computer.

Data transfer rates up to 600 MBps

For quick response when updating files.


For increased durability.

Compatible with PC

For use with your existing computer.


  • Plugged in easily to desktop and had no problems formatting a secondary drive using windows 10. Fast and reliable, so far.
  • works great. only thing to note is that is does not come preinstalled with an operating system. I had to back up the old hard drive, go to Apple Store to have them install an operating system for free before restoring back up.
  • The store associate (Robert) discussed the drive with me and I am so glad I had it put into my new laptop. It is so much cooler and quieter and very fast. I am loving it.
  • I have purchased over 10 of these in the last 6 months and they have been amazing so far. I haven’t had a single issue.
  • this is a good drive for the money. i have used many sandisk brand products and for what you pay they are good quality. i will continue to buy sandisk products
  • This drive is really great. The laptop I put it in started working like a new machine again. The drive fit in nicely and everything transferred over ok. The laptop now boots much faster and everything runs like a new machine.
  • I replaced a mechanical drive in a small laptop a few weeks ago. My main concern was with shock to the mechanical drive as the laptop is pretty mobile. Used disk clone software to clone from the old drive and dropped in the SSD with no problems. The battery seems to be lasting longer and the laptop seems quicker with the SSD, as you would expect. Very happy with the drive.
  • Had a desktop with drive issues. This drive had a great price and really good specs. No issue in getting it cloned and running. The user is surprised and pleased with the tremendous performance boost.
  • I installed this drive as my primary “C:\” drive on my PC. My startup time in Windows 10 went from 1 minute and 37 seconds to 11 seconds! Shutdown is superfast as well. It’s definitely large enough to host the operating system and many applications. I moved most of my data files to the HDD that was previously my primary drive. I recommend this upgrade to anyone who wants to add speed to their system.
  • I was looking for an affordable SSD for my fiancées laptop and with her using mainly for email, browsing, and video streaming she didn’t need anything with crazy horsepower. I have used SanDisk microsd cards for cameras and phones and they have been nothing but reliable! I also looked at Samsung Evos which is probably the best in the market but with her needs it would be useless. It is currently installed and we have not run into any issues and the installation was very quick and easy. Mind you, her laptop has SATA I which underwhelms the power of the SSD, but is still a night and day difference.
  • I have had tp restart this computer every time I use it. The key board takes some getting use to.
    I plan on bringing it back in for the g squad to check.
SATA III interface; no-wait boot up and shut down; nCache 2.0 technology; shock-resistant construction
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Serial ATA-600 interface; shock resistant; adaptive size SLC write cache technology; data transfer rates up to 600Mbps
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