Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Durable Lunch Bag Black Etch

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Durable Lunch Bag Black Etch

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Your portable meal is a piece of cake with the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Bag. This convenient pack offers an easy, secure way to store and transport your food. Maximize its functionality by using it with Rubbermaid’s compatible system of LunchBlox modular containers, which snap together in multiple configurations for space-saving efficiency. Purchase these special kits separately in different sizes to accommodate your needs. The pack’s insulation keeps your items cold, especially when combined with LunchBlox Blue Ice packs (sold separately). The zippered Rubbermaid lunch bag features a bottle holder and an interior mesh pocket to store napkins and utensils. A comfort-grip handle makes it easy to grab and go, while a removable shoulder strap offers a hands-free carrying option. Its black etch design makes this insulated lunch bag an appealing option for both kids and adults.
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Durable Lunch Bag, Black Etch:

  • Designed for LunchBlox
  • Insulated to achieve maximum benefit of Blue Ice packs
  • Features bottle holder and side pocket
  • Comfort-grip handle and removable shoulder strap
  • Rubbermaid lunch bag is lightweight and easy to use


  • Love the design and the cool features it has. Got the lunchblox separately and they are very nice! keeps things cool and are perfect for any gender!
  • Item is big and looks very strong, got a refund for the water bottle , but would have prefer everything
  • Very good lunch box! It’s very durable and has a lot of place for food inside of it, which is a definite pro! Also, the strap for your shoulder to carry it is a very nice feature they added. We are definitely going to buy for the whole family! As you can see, this lunch box deserves 5 stars EASILY!
  • It is what it is. A lunch box. What I love about it is that the zipper closure opens from bottom to top so you can easy access something on the bottom without rummaging through what’s on top. It also has 2 mesh pockets on the outside, one of which is designed specifically for a water bottle (not included). I also like the carrying strap (not shown), which makes for easy over the shoulder/hands-free use.
  • The bag is wonderful! It has two compartments (one on either side) to hold a water bottle (you can’t see the other compartment in the picture). The interior is big enough to hold lots of food; there’s a pocket on the interior lining to hold utensils and napkins. Very durable construction. I would highly recommend it!
  • I bought five of these lunch boxes for my five children two High School Teens and three for my grade school kids. They have stood the test of time after almost four years, three are still in great condition even after being tossed in the wash, and two have completely fallen apart seams of handles coming apart with in the first several months of use. Overall, I love these bags. They are easily packed with the containers and I love that food stand upright. Lots of room for regular lunch and after school snack. Side pocked is also great for small bottled water. Since I bought these several years ago, I was really hoping that Rubbermaid had made NEW COLORS. I’m looking to replace with new ones for next school year 2016-2017, BUT WOULD LOVE TO SEE NEW COLORS AND DESIGNS for next year. PLEASE
  • I bought this a month ago.  It is just too Big 🙁 not worth the money honestly
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Durable Lunch Bag, Black Etch: Designed for LunchBloxInsulated to achieve maximum benefit of Blue Ice packsFeatures bottle holder and side pocketComfort-grip handle and rem...
Brand: RubbermaidMerchant: Walmart US
Rubbermaid LunchBlox Medium Durable Lunch Bag, Black: Designed for lunchbloxInsulated to achieve maximum benefit of blue ice pucksFeatures bottle holder and side pocketComfort-grip handle and removabl...
Brand: RubbermaidMerchant: Walmart US