Revlon SmoothStay 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Dryer

Revlon SmoothStay 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Dryer

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For super-smooth tresses, try the Revlon SmoothStay Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer. With both ceramic and ionic technology, you get professional salon results at home. The ionic technology works by saturating the hair with negative ions and shrinking the size of water droplets in your hair. With less water sitting on your strands, the Revlon SmoothStay Hair Dryer cuts drying time in half. Plus, the ionic heat keeps the natural moisture in your hair as it dries, so that your hair feels soft and frizz-free. Ceramic technology ensures that hair is dried quickly, without feeling “dried out.” Since the Revlon SmoothStay Hair Dryer combines both ionic and ceramic technology, your hair is dried with “healthy heat” that won’t damage your strands.
Revlon SmoothStay Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer:

  • Ceramic heat distributes high temperature evenly, so hair stays soft
  • The ionic technology infuses moisture into strands
  • Ionic heat reduces frizz and adds volume to thin tresses
  • Three heat settings
  • Two speeds
  • Professional rocker switches
  • Removable end cap for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Cold shot button provides a blast of cool air to lock-in shine and set the style
  • Narrow concentrator attachment for precise styling and section styling


  • My husband had this same hair dryer but finally went out on him after good service…so found it here on and he was happy to get another one…it suits his needs quite well.
  • I am on my second one of these dryers because I like it so much. Quite powerful and gets hot enough to dry and smooth my thick, naturally curly hair quickly. It has a cool shot button as well as the normal hot and cool settings. I find the “ionic” technology does provide faster dry times and smoother results for me. I was also pleased that the first dryer lasted several years with frequent use.
  • I’ve been using the same hair dryer for the past 10 years and was hesitant to get a new one. I finally ordered this one and I LOVE it! It really cut down on my drying time. I should have ordered sooner!
  • I had been warned against cheap dryers, but for less than $20 I figured I’d risk it. I’m glad I did. I only use this on my daughter, she’s not yet 2 so she still has short and fine hair. I probably only use this dryer for 3 minutes a night, and only on the cold nights, so very minimal use. So far the hair dryer works absolutely perfect every single time. If you’re like me and have little use for a hair dryer, then save your money and buy this one! I also like the purple.
  • I love it because it has two separate switches, which not only allows you to use the “Cool” setting without holding down a button, but have full control over all speeds and temps. This model in particular is my favorite. Good power and streamlined..
  • Just bought this blow dryer and used it for the first time this morning. I’ve been through many hair dryers over the years, and have to say this one is great! It dried my thick long hair in less than 15 minutes, and it is super lightweight and easy to hold. With my last two blow dryers, my hands would get tired, and my arms, from having to hold the weight of the dryer and from the awkward design of the part you have to grip to hold onto it. This one is comfortable and easy to work with, dries quickly, and isn’t super loud.
  • Liked a lot at first but it’s only been 1 1/2 years and now the heating element is shorted out and the thing is trash. Don’t waste your money on something that will die so soon.
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