Reese Carry Power SportWing Hitch Mount Bike Carrier 4 Bikes

Reese Carry Power SportWing Hitch Mount Bike Carrier 4 Bikes

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Transport your bikes to your next outdoor adventure with the Reese Carry Power Sportwing Hitch Mount Bike Carrier. It is made out of lightweight yet heavy-duty steel and it has a powder-coated steel shank for extra reliability. It also comes with rubber straps and cushion brackets. This four-bike carrier features quick-release cradles that hold bikes by their wheels, not their frames. It helps to mount and un-mount bikes smoothly yet holds them securely in position as you drive thanks to the wheel straps. The anti-sway straps prevent bike damage. The Reese Carry Power Sportwing Hitch Mount Bike Carrier has a maximum capacity of 160 lbs and is designed to accommodate both adult and child bikes so it is ideal for the whole family. Thanks to the removable support arms, you can adjust it according to the number of bikes you are transporting. The trunk bike carrier is designed to retract for compact storage when not in use.
Reese Carry Power SportWing Hitch Mount Bike Carrier, 4 Bikes:

  • Ultimate carrying solution
  • 4-bike carrier for the whole family
  • Supports up to 160 lbs in total
  • For adult and child bikes
  • Adjustable and removable support arms to accommodate number of bikes
  • Quick-release cradle mounts and un-mounts bikes smoothly
  • Holds bikes by the wheels, not the frame
  • Included wheel straps for secure hold
  • Powder-coated steel shank
  • The trunk bike carrier is designed for easy storage


  • Got a super buy on this rack! A friend had the 2-bike model which I was going to buy also…but saw the 4-bike on sale for only $5 more! A steal! This rack works super. Like the adjustable hang hooks. Thought I might replace the pins that hold arms on with bolts to stiffen them…but with bikes mounted…it wasn’t necessary.
  • Great bike rack. Worked well and was easy to assemble. Holds the bikes securely. Works well for my wife’s bike without an adapter. 2 inch hitch is very stable.
  • The rack was quite easy to assemble. We used it on our truck with the extension and we’re able to drop the tail gets with the bikes on the rack. With the extension we can use it on the jeep also.
  • We’ve only used it 3 or 4 times so far, but we really like it. It’s really good for hauling only 2 bikes, you can space them out and have room to get in your hatch. It’s easy to load bike onto.
  • For the price it works very well. It solid. Hanging bikes by the tires is a much better way to secure the bike, than hanging them by the frame. The only real complaint I have is that the hangers should stick out farther from the frame. One must lean the bikes slightly in as the forks hit the V-frame before the tire is all the way into the slot. This makes it slightly more difficult to load the bikes. If your vehicle has a lift gate, you will not be able to open it without first removing the bikes. This can be a bit inconvenient. Wish it had a tilt function, so one could get the lift gate open. While not really a complaint, from a design standpoint, the second rack tube should have been made to fit a 1.5 inch receiver. Since many cars only have the 1.5 inch receiver, it would allow them to make it a two in one setup, where the carries could have been used separately, or even sold separately.
  • I’m impressed with this carrier. The workmanship is solid and it is easy to assemble, install, and remove. The bikes are mounted securely, with no movement on the road. Caveat: I have only carried two bikes thus far, and have only used half the carrier (I have yet to use the additional component for carrying a third and fourth bike, but every indication is that this feature would also be of good quality and easy to use).
  • Works great. Should have had reflectors mounted on it though. It stick out past the rear bumper quite a bit and I notice many cars pull right up to it.
  • This is the third rack type we have tried. I wanted something that is easy to put on the car and one that makes it easy to put the bikes on and take them off. This rack meets both those criteria better than our previous two racks. The initial assembly is pretty straight forward and only has to be done once. Getting the rack set up for your specific bikes takes some experimentation to make sure of a good fit without any metal to metal rubbing but also something that is only needed once unless you are changing bikes a lot. Once you are set up, installing the rack on to the car/truck is easy. Slide the rack into the receiver and insert the pin and attach the add-on for bikes 3-4 (if needed) and you are done. Pick the bikes up, set them on the rack and attach the security strap takes only seconds. To further secure the bikes, i use bungee cords instead of the provided Velcro. This is ideal for “female” bikes without the crossbar because the bikes attach by the wheels. The ability to use this carrier as a two or four bike rack by adding/removing the additional “V” portion is a plus as well. The negatives for me are the weight of the rack (about 40 lbs) and the awkward shape. If you dont have a lot of room, you may need to take the rack apart each time to make it fit into a smaller space.
  • This is a very nice bike carrier. It carries every type of bike because you mount the bikes by the bike wheels. It has adjustable mounting carriers which have a very heavy duty rubber strap that locks the wheel into the carrier. You can carry 2 or 4 bikes. It has a slide that allows for the ease of carrying 4 bikes that slides out for mounting the bikes and slides back into place for transport. This is a very sturdy carrier that will not bend. I also picked up an adapter that will allow me to use this carrier on a smaller receiver as well as a 2″ receiver. I highly recommend this product.
  • if your plan is to take the family to the park with the bikes, plan ahead. Set-up and breakdown will take 30-45 minutes. By the time you’re ready to load the bike, you’re already tired from the set-up.
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