RCA 0.9 cu ft Portable Washer White

RCA 0.9 cu ft Portable Washer White

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Keep clothes clean wherever you go with the RCA .9 Cubic-ft Portable Washer. It has all the necessary features such as a water inlet, level selectors and end of cycle buzzer. It also features an LED display and transparent lid for your convenience.

  • 0.9 Cu FT Top Loading Portable Washer with LED Display Panel – Compact and Perfect for Small spaces
  • Use Your Sink as Water Source with the Included Quick-Connect Sink Adapter
  • 5 Wash Cycles
  • Steel Drum for Strongest Durability: Ultra Quiet <72dB low operational sound
  • Includes Rollers for Easy Movement. Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.


  • I am only giving this machine four stars because the hose that came with it was defective and the end that attached to the water inlet on the machine leaked, so I had to get another one at the home improvement store. The adapter that you use to attach the hose to the water supply didn’t fit my faucet, so I had to pick up another one of those in the correct size as well. After I bought the replacement parts, it was easy to hook up and use. I have only done six loads in it, but so far, I am happy with it. It is quiet, works well, and has many load settings to chose from. I have been using a scale to weigh out 3.5 pounds of clothes in each load to make sure I don’t overfill it, and I am surprised at how much it does hold. For a single person, it is adequate. I also attached a knee-high nylon to the end of the drain hose to strain the lint out of the water before it goes down my sink, and after six loads, there is a TON of lint in it—I would recommend doing that to protect your plumbing down the road. I am curious as to how long this little machine will last, and if I can, I will come back in a few months or a year and give an update.
  • Washes really well. Manufacturer recommends he powder detergent, but you use very little. This is perfect for small apartment. Has very easy hookup and hand tightening. But could use a light duty pliers for the hook up if needed. Weighs only about 20-25 pounds and has back wheels to slight tip back and roll, or you can place on furniture gliders.
  • I like nearly everything about it, it’s quiet, it works well even on the spin cycle you don’t hear it unless you are standing right next to it. I would indeed recommend it to friends as a great purchase. There are only two things that I’m not completely happy with: It needs better wheels, it is difficult to move unless you pick it up and carry it. For some reason they programed it to come on in the extended wash mode, it would make more sense to start in the normal mode which most people use the most. It’s just a bit inconvenient to have to set the wash mode every time I want to use it.
  • This product is what I am looking for living in a apartment in NY. It’s quiet and rinses out the clothes so well it is almost dry. Thank You RCA for this product.
  • We were so excited to get our washer. We live in a very small home. My husband got it put together and plugged in. It read error 2 which is lid not shut. Of course immediately frustrated. He took it apart and spent quite a bit of time messing with it. Finally he found a little square magnet just loose in the lid. That magnet was the problem. He sat the magnet on the left hand corner by the settings WITH the lid open and it started working. Currently running our first load. Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here!
  • I love this little washer. I use it in our RV. I have been able to wash everything even my queen sheets. The only problem I had was hooking it up to my kitchen faucet. My husband went to Lowe’s and was able to get the fitting that was needed to hook it up to the faucet.
  • I am really happy with this RCA (made by Midea) washer. It cleans really well and spins most of the rinse water out. My clothes hang dry within a few short hours. This is a lifesaver for living in NYC, in a building that doesn’t allow laundry machine hookups in the apt units. I like that this machine is much lighter weight (by about 15lbs) than the comparably sized Haier HLP21N I used to have and I love the fact that it has an interior lint trap (the Haier didn’t), but it does not have as good of a quality drain hose as my Haier did. Overall I am really impressed with this machine and I recommend it over the Haier primarily because of its light weight and built-in lint trap. It cleans just as well as a Haier. I knocked off a star for the short & flimsy drain hose, and for the fact that I found shattered packing styrofoam inside the machine that had to be meticulously vacuumed and wiped out from around the motor before I screwed in the bottom plate (and bits of styrofoam turned up in the water of my first few washes). I will add that all of these pulsator style washers twist up fabric/clothing so I use washing bags for all clothing when using this type of machine. If you need a washing machine, I don’t think you can beat this (or one like it) for convenience, price and long term $ savings over using community pay machines.
  • I had high expectations for this washing machine based on the reviews. I picked it up from the store, followed the instructions for installation and found that the quick connection adapter was too large for my kitchen faucet. I was able to hook it up in the bathroom. I started the washer and followed the very limited instructions in the book to run a wash cycle. Immediately when the washer started filling, most of the water began leaking out of the bottom of the machine. It took me about a half an hour to figure out how to run just a spin cycle to drain the remaining water out. The next day I called the number in the book for Midea. The Midea rep told me they could not help me and gave me a number for RCA. When I called RCA, they told me they do not handle repairs or make parts and that I should take the machine back to Walmart, which I did. I should mention that I have had two previous portable washing machines (Kenmore and Danby) and never had any trouble with leaking. Bottom line, there is no customer service available for this machine from either Midea or RCA. I also purchased the two year extended warranty from Walmart. Unfortunately, that does not kick in until the useless manufacturers warranty expires after one year. I do not recommend this machine.
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