Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set

Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set

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Tired of storing your food in plastic containers? The Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set allows you to neatly store your meals and leftovers at home or on the go. Made of non-porous glass, these handy food storage containers won’t absorb food stains or odors. You can bake acid-based recipes in the non-reactive Pyrex glassware, put them in the microwave, and clean them in the dishwasher. The Pyrex food storage containers can be directly transferred from a freezer to a microwave oven, and they’re also easy to stack, making for convenient storage when not in use. BPA-free secure lids keep the food from spilling while transporting. The lids come in an attractive red color and are scratch resistant. This Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set includes two 2-cup round bowls, one 4-cup round bowl, one 1-cup round bowl, one 3-cup rectangle storage, one 6-cup rectangle storage, and one 7-cup round bowl with covers.
Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set:

  • Pyrex glassware 14-piece storage set with attractive red plastic covers
  • Two 2-cup round bowls with covers
  • One 4-cup round bowl with cover
  • One 1-cup round bowl with cover
  • One 3-cup rectangle storage with cover
  • One 6-cup rectangle storage with cover
  • One 7-cup round bowl with cover


Warning Text: Do not use on stovetop, under broiler, in a toaster oven, or place over oven vent or pilot light. Plastic covers for microwave and storage use only. Please read Safety and Usage Instructions packed inside before using.


  • The rectangle dishes are much smaller than I though they’d be. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the measurements. I was going by the online picture. It is still a nice set. They wash up so easy. They are great storage pieces. The lids fit nicely.
  • Great for food storage andvrehesting. The plastic lids are BPA free. Lids snip on snug, they stack well and are easy to store.
  • Love this set very nice. Love 7 cup bowl for crockpot leftovers.
  • I’m using these containers for meal prep and am phasing out the old plastic containers I used to use
  • I was so impressed with the quality being as good as I remembered, and so darn affordable. All around super stoked, love the way they look and function, replaced all our plastic tupperware…
  • These came very well packed. always do a great job with safely packing things; especially fragile products. Regarding the product itself, this set is awesome. All pieces make amazing containers to place leftovers in that you can easily heat up. I newly started believing in glass over plastic and boy does food taste better in glass. I’m on the way of replacing all my kitchen containers with glass and Pyrex is the way to go. Very easy to clean. Excellent!
  • I’ve been using Pyrex storage containers for years and have never been disappointed. I bought this set because I needed more. They offer a variety of convenient sizes. The lids fit well and most come vented which is very handy for microwaving. They last long when treated right. I love that they are see through. It’s easy to tell what’s inside when in the fridge. Always pleased with this product and I would highly recommend.
  • I have a good number of your 1, 2 and 4 cup storage bowls. When I purchased them they came with blue lids. Although I have a variety of more than 20 pieces, I wanted more. With my latest purchase, I purchased your 14pc storage set (#1083952). This set and the other containers in the store were no longer available in blue, so I purchased the containers with red lids. I have a complaint with the red lids. Although they say right on them “refrigerator, freezer & microwave use” my lids do not retain there shape in the microwave like the blue lid on my other containers. I have had the blue lid containers for 10 years or so and they still look and perform well. I am holding a red lid currently with a part # 7201-PC. It is for the 4 cup bowl and it looks sunken in the middle. I have the same problem with the other sizes as well. I no longer use the red lids in the microwave which defeats one of the benefits with these containers. Because of this issue I will not purchase them again and would not recommend them to others. If I am doing something improper I would like to know.
Pyrex Storage 14-Piece Round Set: Pyrex 14-Piece Storage Plus Set comes with:4 round 2-cup dishes2 round 4-cup dishes1 round 7-cup dishMatching blue BPA-free plastic storage lidsMade with non-porous g...
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Pyrex Cooking Solved Storage Plus 14-Piece Container Set
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Pyrex - Food Storage & Dispensers - 1123271 - With the Pyrex name embossed on the lids, you know this is a product you can count on. And with the clear glass bowls, you always know whatas inside. ...
Brand: PyrexMerchant: Cymax

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