Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer

Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer

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Cook delicious food with the Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker. With a capacity of cooking up to 16 cups of rice this Electric Rice Cooker helps you make good meal for full family. You can also cook brown rice with its unique separate pre loaded technique. The common keep warm feature keeps your food ready to serve through the day. The device has an automatic conversion technique that automatically switches the cooking mode to keep warm mode when the cooking is over. All you need to do is add the rice and water and it will automatically change the settings and cook the rice. The Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker comes with steaming basket for boiling vegetables and the inner pan is complete non stick for easy maintenance. The package comes with a measuring scoop and also a rice paddle. A carrying handle is provided with the Presto rice cooker/steamer for easy transportation.

Presto Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer:

  • The Presto rice cooker/steamer cooks 4 to 16 cups of white or brown rice to perfection
  • Push buttons for cook and keep-warm functions
  • Special setting for brown rice
  • Automatically switches to keep-warm mode when cooking is complete
  • Keeps rice hot and delicious for hours
  • “Fix it and forget it” operation allows you to simply add rice and water
  • Indicator light
  • Steaming basket is included for conveniently steaming vegetables while rice is cooking
  • The digital rice cooker has a non-stick pot lifts out for easy serving and cleaning
  • Hinged cover features a carrying handle
  • Removable steam vent
  • Includes measuring scoop and rice paddle
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Digital rice cooker model# 05813


  • We use this all the time. The rice is always perfect, we have had other cheaper brands. They are either poorly made or they overcook the rice. The Presto cooker is made to last and it cooks the rice perfectly every time. We have rice at least once a day, so it gets plenty of use.
  • Does everything as expected. No problems so far. I only make white rice, so I can’t speak to brown or any other type.
  • Cooks the rise fast without scorching it and works well to cook vegetables the only complaint I have is I should have bought a bigger cooker.
  • As a Pacific Islander, white rice has always been a must-have-side-dish… breakfast, lunch, dinner. First off, my order arrived in a week. The body itself looks very nice. Seriously easy to use. Super easy to clean. The seal when closed is so strong that it keeps the rice well longer. Cooks my Jasmine rice perfectly every time! And quick, too! The only thing that threw me off (but not a deal-breaker at all for me) was how it is advertised (even on box) for being a 16-cup rice cooker. IT DOES NOT COOK 16-cups at once. The pot has seperate measurements embossed inside for up to 8-cups max of brown rice, and then 8-cups max of white rice. So, it is an 8-cup rice cooker. There is no way you can fit 16-cups at one time. I don’t know why they post it so unclearly like that. But again, that was NOT a deal-breaker for me because I do not need 16-cups. This is one of the best rice cookers I’ve ever had! I’m so glad I chose it (and so is my hubby). This is my first time owning a Presto rice cooker… I hope it lasts a long time!
  • Its a nice looking rice cooker, but the box got beat up some and some cosmetic damage to the outside. Plastic spoon (when inserted into the side caddy)interferes with the operation of the lid. This is my first rice cooker with the sealed lid and apparently I need to use less water. But like the one reviewer said to change brands of rice and I say experiment with the water amounts. At least the shipping damage didn’t affect its operation. The steam exhaust needs to towards the front……..Duh!! The thing spouts steam and when sitting on my counter top, the back shoots steam under and over the front of the cabinets. This should be a no brainer, but I pull the rice cooker forward and then spin it around so the exhaust is farthest away from the cabinets. Then I cant see the lights change from red to green>>Oh well
  • I havea real cheap one that splatters all over the place through the hole in the lid so had to put a towel down I was tired of it so I bought this one and I like brown rice better and has a setting for brown rice and it came out great. and it steams veggies also.
  • I had a favorable shopping experience when I purchased this product. I had this item shipped to Walmart (to ensure that the delivery wouldn’t be stolen from my front door). When I arrived to the store there was no one in line in the pick up department and I was in and out of Walmart in about five minutes. When I opened the package, I was pleased to see that all of the items were included in the shipment. The rice cooker comes with a rice paddle (spoon), measuring scoop and a steaming basket (for vegetables and/or fish/poultry). The instructions for operating the product were easy to follow. The rice pot has separate markings to accurately measure either white or brown rice. The manual also has a small section that offers a suggested steaming time for cooking certain vegetables and fish/poultry. The first time I used the rice cooker the bottom of the cooked rice had a light brown, crust-like appearance, which was a normal result when using the product. To get around this, I add a teaspoon of buttery vegetable spread in the water. I have used the cooker several times and I have been extremely pleased with my purchase.
Product InformationMaximum Power: 650 WMaximum Number of Cups: 16Features: Keep Warm Function, Non-stick CoatingPower DescriptionInput Voltage: 110 V ACPhysical CharacteristicsColor: Stainless SteelHe...
Brand: PrestoMerchant: Walmart US
General InformationProduct Type: Cooker & SteamerManufacturer Part Number: 05813Manufacturer Website Address: www. gopresto. comManufacturer: National Presto Industries, IncProduct Name: 16-Cup Di...
Cooks white or brown rice to perfection every time, then keeps it serving hot for hours. Automatically switches to keep-warm mode when cooking time is complete. Features digital push button controls w...
Cooks white or brown rice to perfection every time, then keeps it serving hot for hours! Automatically switches to keep-warm mode when cooking time is complete. Features: Digital push button controls ...