Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit Black

Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit Black

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The Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 is a convenient and portable evaporative cooling unit that keeps temperatures at a comfortable level whether you’re indoors or out. With a 500 square foot cooling capacity and an air delivery of 2,000-CFM (cubic feet per minute), this system will lower temperatures down to as much as 30 degrees by simply using tap water and a standard outlet. With a built-in .75-inch hose connection and 10-gallon water reservoir, you can manually fill the Port-A-Cool to provide cold air for up to six hours of comfortable temperatures. Heavy-duty casters make this unit super portable and easy to move to whatever location you need. The Port-A-Cool features adjustable louvers, easy operation and is environmentally friendly with a small carbon footprint that allows this unit to operate for a fraction of the cost of typical air conditioning.
Port-A-Cool Cyclone 2000 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit, Black:

  • 500 sq ft cooling capacity and an air delivery of 2,000-CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Convenient and portable evaporative cooling unit for both indoors and outdoors
  • 10-gal water reservoir
  • Lowers temperatures down to as much as 30 degrees by simply using tap water and a standard outlet
  • Provides a constant flow of cold and refreshing air to improve any environment without fan blades
  • Has an attractive black finish and adjustable louvers
  • Constructed of durable, rust-free and leak-proof molded polyethylene housing
  • Shipped completely assembled for your convenience
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Model# PACCYC02


California Proposition 65 Warning: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Works exactly as expected. It was also delivered 1 week earlier than planned
  • This is a fantastic cooler. It was easy to set up and it works like a charm! It provides a perfect solution to keep our outside/indoor animals cool from the summer heat. They love it, too. Highly recommended! It is worth the cost.
  • It is not an air conditioner so don’t assume it will be one and you will like it. It does provide cool air that you can direct to blow on you and it keeps you cool. You have to have it in an open area or if in a garage the door needs to be open some to circulate the air. If you don’t have fresh air it turns the area into a moist sauna with all the water in the cooling air. In 100 degree temps we measured 10 degrees cooler in a garage with the door open about a foot. Still hot but the air that blows on you feels about 30 degrees cooler like they advertise so very comfortable to work if you don’t mind the noise it makes which is just about the same as a large fan. It used the water in the tank fast 4-5 hours so plan on having the hose connected for anything longer. I would buy a larger model if I had a larger space. This one works for me for what I need it for. When it’s not 100 degrees this thing is really great, I use it all the time. Quality was a little less then expected and mine had a small leak that I fixed. Also this thing does drip from the water fall so plan on if being on concrete outdoors, not an indoor use type of unit.
  • This product arrived on time. Walmarts shipping features are great! product was $150.00 cheaper here than at any competitor. Free and fast home delivery was the clincher for me. However, the box it came in was damaged on arrival. Thankfully nothing was damaged cosmetically with the unit. BUT, what I plugged it in the fan was scraping on the side of the machine and was inoperable. I then had to contact the company for direction on taking the units motor out so I could move the fan blades. This took me 1/2 a day to work out, which is extremely frustrating for a machine that costs so much! THe fan they use is cheap in this model. its all plastic! I’ve used adobe air swamp coolers for years and i will probably go back to them because their quality is superior to this. ie all metal parts. i fixed the unit and it is running smoothly now. but for the price they shoould focus on using more dependable interior parts
  • I purchased the Port-a-Cool Cyclone 2000 to cool a 3 car garage on the coast in Texas. After several attempts of trying to get the machine to produce cool air and not just act as a supper powered fan, I called the Port-a-Cool Support Hotline (Port-A-Cool also located on the East side of Texas). I reached a very nice women and explained to her the reason for buying this product and why I had chosen the unit that I ended up buying, based on the square footage being cooled. After going over everything that I had done to get the unit working efficiently, the person I spoke with thought that I might be running to much water over the pads “the less the better if it is extremely humid” and went on to say that it took a little breaking in period. I was told to give it another try and if there where anymore issues, Please Call Back. After several more attempts and running the water flow at different amounts for extended periods of time at no avail, (the unit was still producing nothing but hot air). I made another call to the Hotline. Call two was made and their finial solution, it is to humid in my area for the machine to handle it and if I’m not satisfied return it. There other thought buy a bigger unit. Not the answer I was looking for. So back it goes from whence it came, and I still have a hot humid garage work space. With the company being located on the LA border where hot and humid is a way of life for Gulf residents, this certainly was not the results I expected from a Port-A-Cool product nor was it the answer that I expected from the company. Sad and Humid in Texas
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