PNY CS1311 480GB Internal SATA III Solid State Drive

PNY CS1311 480GB Internal SATA III Solid State Drive

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Handle more data than ever before with this PNY 480GB solid-state hard drive. Fast operation is assured thanks to the SATA III connection that delivers at data up to 6 Gbps, and a lack of moving parts means reliability is exceptional. Reduce energy use and enjoy quieter operation with this PNY 480GB solid-state hard drive.

Trusted Performance

Upgrade to a PNY SSD to experience PC performance that’s up to 24x faster than a traditional HDD.

Quality Assurance

All PNY SSDs undergo extensive component and sub-system testing. We utilize high-quality NAND from the industry’s top vendors to ensure a solid SSD.

Proven Reliability

Each SSD is guaranteed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

Cool and Quiet Operation

Our SSDs reduce operating temperature and potential damage from overheating.

Energy Efficient

If you’re aiming to build a silent, green PC, PNY SSDs are a must have on item your checklist.

Shock Proof

The non-volatile NAND in the system enables the SSD to retain its memory if your computer ever falls or is dropped.

Built by Experts

With a world class SSD engineering team based in Silicon Valley, we are well positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Creating Jobs in the USA

With our headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in NJ, more than 80% of our global workforce is in the USA.


  • Great SSD for the price for use in laptop or desktop (with adapter, sold separately). Installed easily and works flawlessly.
  • Simply dropped the drive into the computer and was up and running in no time. Price was right and performance is exceptional.
  • I bought the SSD because I could not keep hard drives in my laptops. I went thru 5 different drive on 3 laptops. At random time they would just fail and could not be recovered. I hope this stops my pain.
  • I’ve used all brands of SSD’s in the past, so consider this a professional opinion. On white paper, online reviews this controller #cs1311 is the budget line, however in performance it beats the more expensive #cs2111 series drives. Longevity? Never had one go bad yet on any brand. Speed wise this drive out performs the Samsung EVO 850 in the “real world”. That’s my tests via Crystal Disk on my system. Mileage may vary but the speed is what it is. It hits the specs on the box easily & consistently. The entire CS1311 series drives are just awesome drives. Why pay more? This is the best middle road drive you can buy for the money. Spending more on Samsung, is more paying for the name than anything you can time in real life. Ease of installation is another key feature, even comes with a spacer for thicker drive bays. You get a free Acronis download to use to clone your old drive & you can keep using it’s other features as well after you’re done. I’ve installed 10 of these for customers with zero issues.
  • i bought this hard drive to help with boot up times far better than expected fast boot up speed and reliable no complaints yet
  • A very speedy SSD, while not as fast as some of the higher end competitors this SSD will be great for most users. People who upgrade from a hard drive to this will be amazed by the boot up speed increase and the swift application openings.
  • We use these SSD in our computer imaging computers to image other computers in our fleet. These SSD’s are fast and reliable. They have allowed us to cut our imaging time in half.
  • This drive worked great in my Lenovo and in my Dell. The Dell had a 1Tb drive originally but was slowing down. Replacing the drive with this sped up performance. I will replace the drive with a 1Tb when the price drops but for now I will enjoy the speed. BTW the newer Dell computers in the same model come with solid state drives. DOH!
  • Bought one last week from a Best Buy store. It worked fine when used with an external USB-to-SATA adapter. My PC would not boot at all when installed and connected to an internal SATA connector. This PC has a brand new MSI X99A motherboard with another SSD running in it. It has a 1200W power supply so that shouldn’t be an issue. I tried installing it in an older PC and had the same problem. The PC wouldn’t boot with this SSD installed.
SATA III interface; TLC NAND; data transfer rates up to 6Gbps; shock-proof
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