PNY CS1311 240GB Internal SATA III Solid State Drive

PNY CS1311 240GB Internal SATA III Solid State Drive

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Experience speeds up to 24 times faster than an HDD with this PNY 240BG SSD. It also operates at a lower temperature than a standard hard drive, providing even more performance improvements. Enjoy the drive’s quiet operation, and save money on utility bills with this energy-efficient SSD. The PNY 240GB SSD is covered by a three-year warranty.

Trusted Performance

Upgrade to a PNY SSD to experience PC performance that’s up to 24x faster than a traditional HDD.

Quality Assurance

All PNY SSDs undergo extensive component and sub-system testing. We utilize high-quality NAND from the industry’s top vendors to ensure a solid SSD.

Proven Reliability

Each SSD is guaranteed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

Cool and Quiet Operation

Our SSDs reduce operating temperature and potential damage from overheating.

Energy Efficient

If you’re aiming to build a silent, green PC, PNY SSDs are a must have on item your checklist.

Shock Proof

The non-volatile NAND in the system enables the SSD to retain its memory if your computer ever falls or is dropped.

Built by Experts

With a world class SSD engineering team based in Silicon Valley, we are well positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Creating Jobs in the USA

With our headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in NJ, more than 80% of our global workforce is in the USA.


  • Was looking for a cheap back up , way faster than my friends expensive one , went back and bought 2 more for the price
  • This drive works well in my laptop to replace the old, slow 5400 RPM drive that it came with. Like having a new laptop. (It is teamed up with 16gb ram and i3 processor)
  • I upgraded from a traditional HDD in my desktop to this SSD.
    Installation was simple, no issues. The drive was recognized right away and I was able to partition and install my OS.
    No problems so far.
  • The price point was great. Perfect upgrade if you have an older machine. Breathes new life in to a computer. No need for a faster speed SSD if your just doing the average with your machine.
  • This works exactly as expected. Easy to install and use. Had my computer back up and running in no time. Boot time is cut by a lot. This was a good hard drive for more space on my computer. I would recommend this item to anyone friend or family.
  • I bought this to reinstall Windows 10 on a not-brand-new computer (4 or 5 yrs old), and doings so has made the computer much faster, especially on boot-up and as a mostly-internet access point.
  • It’s been a solid drive thus far, and performance is as expected. The physical height profile on this disk drive’s case is very low, even for an SSD. It’s close to 1/8th inch thinner than traditional 2.5″ form factor hard drives, but the package includes a plastic spacer (i.e. stabilizer) for use in drive cages or laptop drive bays which are older and expecting that taller profile. Figuring out whether you need the spacer or not can be a bit of a crapshoot. Though the adhesive on the spacer will come off, I recommend dry fitting your SSD first and then determining whether there is a gap in your installation and whether the spacer will fit, prior to adhering the spacer to the drive the moment you open the box.
    Bundled with the item is a version of Acronis’ True Image product for doing backups, migrations, and disk cloning. Now, I like the True Image product a lot, and previously used many different Acronis products in both the home, and professionally for work; however, what was bundled was insufficient. It’s what I might call teaser-ware. It provided some of the features of the main true image product, but not all of them, without paying for an additional license. For the migration that I intended to do from an existing 2.5″ magnetic/mechanical (spinning) hard disk drive to this SSD, the most important thing that was lacking was the ability to create a boot disk in order to do a clean image outside of the OS, and then be able to boot to a an interface that would allow me to deploy that image on to the new SSD once I had installed it. Granted, there are ways to get around that, but that is my preferred method. Therefore, rather than using the Acronis software, I ended up just using the totally freeware from Macrium to complete my migration.
  • Brought my MacBook Pro to the Geek squad for diagnosis & potential repairs because it no longer booted. After several attempts by the Geek squad to emulate my problem [the pc was following Murphy’s law], they concluded my hard drive was faulty or was going to fail shortly & recommended installation of a new, solid state drive to correct the booting problem.
    Such was not to be the case: after using the computer [at home] for a short time, the screen locked-up [froze] again & the computer would not boot after being shut down. This problem manifested itself at the store for the Geek squad who kept it for a few more days & then told me it was fixed [again].
    Needless to say, it failed again for me [at home] & I returned it once more to the Geek squad.
    It was after the third attempt by the Geek squad to fix my MacBook Pro with the newly installed Sata III solid state drive, that they told me they were unable to continue on with repairs. While the problems with my pc might not have been totally related to either the old or the newly installed hard drive, it was clear the Geek squad had let me down with their attempt to fix my machine…..
Experience speeds up to 24 times faster than an HDD with this PNY 240BG SSD. It also operates at a lower temperature than a standard hard drive, providing even more performance improvements. Enjoy the...
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