Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones

Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones

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Enjoy your media experience with these Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones. They reduce outside distractions by up to 97 percent with no wires and no compromise. Immerse yourself in music, videos, games and movies with advanced ActiveShield technology. These Philips Bluetooth headphones feature two feed-backward microphones used for eliminating low frequencies. They detect ambient sounds and invert the sound wave, effectively removing it and converting it to silence. Use these wireless noise-canceling headphones to listen to your favorite songs and manage calls with smart control on the earpads. They can also be used on airplane flights, at home or anywhere else without disturbing others.
Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones:

  • Active Noise Cancellation reduces noise by up to 97%
  • Philips Bluetooth headphones have advanced ActiveShield active noise-canceling technology
  • Connect wirelessly with NCF 1-tap pairing
  • Wireless noise-canceling headphones have a smart control on earpads
  • Use to enjoy your favorite songs, movies, videos and games
  • Use anywhere including flights and other places without disturbing those around you
  • Comes with 2 feed-backwards microphones that cancel low frequencies
  • Detects ambient noises and inverts the sound waves turning them to silence


  • Didn’t need it for any major listening just wanted it to be able to walk around as I worked in the house or yard. Works fine for what I wanted.
  • The item is more comfortable now after wearing for a while, but can still get a bit uncomfortable when wearing glasses or earrings. Don’t know how well the noise-cancelling works compared to other headphones, but when I have music playing on these, I can barely hear outside noises.
  • So far I am pleased with these headphones. They pair easily with my Android phone. They do not have the thumping base of a more expensive headphone set, but the sound is good. No real complaints.
  • very good product , very with purchase and love the WALMART shipping they said it two day i got my next day , one happy customer.
  • When choosing wireless headsets I was worried these wouldn’t be up to par but after using them about two weeks now I had to write a review. I got them on a rollback sell so mine were less than the listed retail price. They come with a charging cord and a plug that goes into the headphones and into the device you wish to connect to (this is helpful if your battery is low, or your device doesn’t have bluetooth or NFC capability). I’ve used them with my computer (plugged), my phone (bluetooth), and my tablet (bluetooth). My devices have NFC capabilities but, I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve only had to charge it once and that was yesterday (after several days of bluetooth usage). It took about 30 mins to fully charge. What I like about these is that they completely mask unnecessary noise (even without using the noise cancellation feature.) I have really sensitive hearing so when I switch between noise cancellation and normal use I can hear a vacuum almost whooshing noise. (I’m assuming that’s the noise cancellation). If someone is loud enough (assuming my volume on both the headsets and device isn’t at max) I can hear them call me. I love that the headsets contain all the buttons I need but, I had to use the key sheet to remember what button does what a few times. After continuous use I can tell by feel now. The only con that I have is that the bass isn’t adjustable and blaring like I’d like but, if I’m in an app like Google Music or adjust my adaptive sound on my device I’m sure I can tweak it to fit my needs. I recommend these for the price and if you have sensitive hearing and want to tune out for a bit. As for as the tightness of the headsets. I have a decent sized head 22″ hats. And while I did immediately notice how snug it was I think it’s that way to make the noise cancellation properties of the headphones the most effective. I can wear for several hours but do have to adjust them every now and again (after several hours of use) to relieve the pressure that continuous headphone use causes. Since I’ve been using them daily the snugness of the headsets doesn’t bother me and I don’t feel like my heads too big to wear them. I recommend adjusting the arms if you feel they’re to snug and that will help. (I do that if I’ve been wearing them a long time.) Worth the price.
  • I bought this to use when I travel on airplanes for the noise canceling feature while I watched a movie. Works pretty good canceling the noise from the jet engines when I watched a movie or listened to music. For the price they are pretty good.
  • Wanted good response in a headset that I wouldn’t woryyt about. Very neutral sounding without iPhone controls in use. Not boomy. Cancellation is very noticeable in car. Haven’t tried it in plane yet. Ear cushions cover enough ear to exclude outside noises. Heads over any ear bud type I’ve tried
  • Noise cancelling headphones are working great. They are easy to connect to any bluetooth device and easy to use. Noise cancelling is extra on top of that.
  • i dint even get a full 24 hour use out of them before the speaker started to go out on me and the noise cancellation started screeching when i would turn it on i took it back and went with the Jam Transits they may not be as comfy but they actually work
Philips SHB8750NC Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones: Active Noise Cancellation reduces noise by up to 97%Philips Bluetooth headphones have advanced ActiveShield active noise-canceling technologyCon...
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