Ozeri Ultra 42 Wind Fan Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri Ultra 42 Wind Fan Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

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Designed for 5 Star resorts, the new Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Fan boasts a sophisticated and stylish ultra-slim tower design and one of the most impressive feature sets among tower fans. The Ozeri Ultra Winds stylish design complements and enhances room decor, and its precise engineering generates more air velocity than competing models while emitting less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis. Setting a new benchmark for noiseless airflow, the Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan operates at 3 whisper-quiet speed settings and oscillates 90 degrees for timely relief on a sweltering summer day or for refreshing circulation all year long. The Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan also includes 3 selectable airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort, and an intelligent LED screen with room temperature display. All of the Tower Fan’s features, including the room temperature display, are illuminated on the Fan’s multi-colored bright LED screen, and can be activated via the included enhanced-range remote or via the built-in control panel. The new and improved LED screen now features a light-dimming night mode that dims the screen for light sensitive sleepers. The Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan also features a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments with push-button ease, and ships included with a removable extension column that adjusts the Fan’s height from 32″ to 42″.

Ozeri Ultra 42 Wind Fan — Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology:

  • Boasts a sophisticated and stylish space-saving design that complements and enhances room decor.
  • Engineered to generate more air velocity with less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis, setting a new benchmark for noiseless airflow.
  • Features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort, 3 whisper-quiet speed settings with 90 degree oscillation for optimal air circulation, and a new LED screen with a light dimming night mode.
  • Includes a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments with push-button ease, an intelligent screen that displays room temperature, and an enhanced-range remote control that conveniently stores in the fan.
  • Easy to assemble (no tools required). Ships with fan, base, extension column (to customize fan height), enhanced-range remote control, manual and warranty card. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • This fan is absolutely awesome! It comes with a nice handy remote control and even oscillates. It shows the temperature of the room and has different settings you can cycle through. It’s easy to setup and is small and compact enough you can just put it off into the corner of a room and forget about it. I hated having to use those big circular fans or even box fans because they take up so much room and they also don’t oscillate. It has a vibrant LED screen so you can see everything and is just overall an absolutely gorgeous and sleek fan. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
  • I’m really impressed with this fan! It said it would be quiet, and I had my doubts, but I’m pleased to say it is pretty quiet. You can hear wind movement, but you don’t really hear a motor like you can with other fans. I really like how you can put this in the corner of the room where its out of the way, but you can still feel air movement all over the room. The different settings make it easy to please everyone at any given time, and the timer is great. The remote comes in handy too for when you do have the fan in the corner across the room. I received this product in exchange for my inspection and honest review, and I’m so glad I did. I’m probably going to have to get one for every floor of my house! BThe goods: – It is relatively quiet so you can get a good nights rest. I can practically sleep through anything but my wife needs silence. I guess the constant low drone helps to get shut eye. – The oscillating action is fine. – Build quality is good. – Its very light so easy to move around. Below are not bad points just suggestions for the company as product feedback. – The LED lights are very bright. Suggest you put a dimmer or sleep function to turn the light off after few seconds/mins. The light can be activated when someone pushes a button on the unit or remote. If you want to get hitech, the light can be motion activated by detecting movement in the room or movement of the remote.
  • The fan is perfect and I am so glad I purchased it. The air flow is very effective for my large living room. The biggest issue I am having is a burning plastic or oil smell. I have contacted the company and am waiting for a response. I thought it may go away and ignored it the first couple days but I am on day 5 now and the smell is just as strong today as it was the first day.
  • There are many great features to this fan. First of all, it is very space saving. We had a large round fan in our bedroom that took up a large amount of space right where we walk in and out of the bedroom. With this fan it takes up much less space and is easy to walk around. It was very easy to assemble. I did it myself in minutes. It looks great anywhere, very modern and technologically advanced. It is very light and easy to move. There are 3 speeds and also has an oscillating feature. It is very powerful and puts out a lot of air. You can feel the cool air immediately. This fan is perfect for our bedroom since it is very quiet. Although, it also would be great in the living room or office. I love having a remote since I can change the speed or turn it off without getting out of bed. I like that it is programmable so I can change speeds or have it turn off automatically when it gets cooler in the middle of the night. It has a very bright, informative control panel with a digital thermometer that is easy to see from several feet away. The remote will control just about all the functions. You cannot lose the remote control since it is stored inside the top panel as long as you remember to put it back. It is very energy efficient. I hooked it up to a watt meter and even on high it uses less electricity than our old bedroom fan when it was on low. It has a very stable base, which can be lowered by just taking off the extension that goes between the fan and base. Overall, this is a great fan and I will be using it daily around the clock in the summer.
  • The fan is very quiet that is what I like about it. Also the fan does cool down a room real fast.
  • This is the best tower fan that I have ever owned. It puts out a good amount of air and has three speed settings. I can set it to oscillate or just stand stationary which I like having that option. One of the best features though is the remote control. I love having a remote control so if I get too cold in the night I can either turn off the fan or lower the speed. I can also set it up to automatically turn itself off after the room reaches a certain temperature. The display is very easy to read. Set up on the fan was also very easy and I like that I can either add the extender to make the fan taller or leave it out. I have been using this fan for the past month and it is quiet, doesn’t disturb my sleep and at all and simply the best fan I have ever had! It really is perfect for every room in the house. Love it and definitely would recommend it!
  • Purchased two fans, it was very disappointing to find one of the remotes did not work and dread having to lookup the manufacture or call a 1-800 number to resolve this issue. What an inconvenience!