Oster 600-Watt Fusion Blender BRLY07-B00-000

Oster 600-Watt Fusion Blender BRLY07-B00-000

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The Oster 600-Watt Fusion Blender, BRLY07-B00-000 features a 6-cup dishwasher safe Boroclass glass jar (thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes), 7 speeds, 600 watts, stainless steel “ice crusher” blade, Pre-programmed settings and a Reversing motor.

  • 600 watts of power
  • Stainless steel 6-point Star Blade
  • Reversing motor repositions contents and draws food into the blade for consistent results
  • All Metal Drive system for lasting durability
  • Low, Medium and Max manual controls for flexibility
  • Soft-touch buttons are easy to clean and use
  • Pre-programmed settings for frozen drinks and food chopping
  • Pre-programmed settings stop automatically when finished
  • Model# BRLY07-B00-000


  • A very modestly priced blender that does anything you would reasonably expect a blender to do.
  • My job is the privilege of caring for my spouse. Learning to cook as an octogenarian has been difficult. A liquid meal for supper is helping. I needed a tool to make them into “slurpees”: 1. Place ice, fruit, liquid meal in blender, 2.Press “on” button, 3.Press “Frozen Drinks & Shakes” button 4.The machine goes through several different activities to produce perfectly what I want.
  • I can’t afford a vitamix but wanted to find something that could make smoothies. So far have used half a dozen times or more and happy with it. I’m sure it takes longer to make asmoothie than a vitamix but it still does the job. I start with the food chop button and then use maximum pulse and it works fine. Much better than my previous $25 Oster blender.
  • This newer Oster model is so much better than the cheaper models made in Mexico. Had to return both of those. This model is smooth and programmable. It takes reading directions as we all should.
  • have only had this a short time but so far it is working great.. my last blender had to work hard to make smoothies with frozen fruit. so far this one is hardly making an effort and yet the smoothies are smooth no chunsks
  • I have only had the opportunity to use this blender one time, but it was impressively better than any blender I have used in the past. I made a smoothie using frozen fruit and yogurt and used the pre-programmed setting for smoothie and you could tell from the noise of the motor that the quality was very good and the smoothie was ready in no time. I am excited about using it again soon.
  • I am very pleased with all the features on this blender: the ruggedness of the steel-to-steel parts; the heavy-duty glass mixing container; the reverse-action motor; and the multiple speed and function choices. All features have worked perfectly every time I’ve used this product–two or three times daily. I did a lot of online research before selecting this model, and I’m glad I did. Great product!
  • I purchased this blender after reading the reviews. I have used Oster products for years. This blender is not as good as my 450 Watt regular blender inters of making smoothies that are smooth and creamy. I am returning this one.
600 watts of powerStainless steel 6-point Star BladeReversing motor repositions contents and draws food into the blade for consistent resultsAll Metal Drive system for lasting durabilityLow, Medium an...
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