Ninja Supra Kitchen System BL780

Ninja Supra Kitchen System BL780

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The Ninja Supra Kitchen System helps you perform a variety of tasks around the kitchen. It has a powerful motor combined with Total Crushing Technology liquefying whole fruits, vegetables and breaking down large pieces of ice in just seconds. It gives you the professional performance and power you desire. The Ninja kitchen system can handle anything from juicing to food processing, frozen blending to dough mixing. It comes equipped with an XL blender featuring a BPA-free 72 oz pitcher with a built-in pour spout and six-blade assembly. This set also includes an XL food processor with an eight-cup bowl capacity that makes 2 lbs of dough in 30 seconds and two BPA-free 16 oz single serve cups with built-in juicing/blending blades and travel lids. The Ninja Supra Kitchen System offers superior full-sized blender performance and one-touch pulsing for maximum control. You can create your favorite morning juice, a healthy afternoon smoothie and more.
Ninja Supra Kitchen System:

  • 1200W, 1.5 hp Ninja food processor kitchen system
  • Total Crushing Technology crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds
  • 2 Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids for nutrient-rich juices on the go
  • XL 8-cup food processor bowl: make 2 lbs of dough in 30 seconds
  • XL 72-oz blending jar with pour spout for frozen blending
  • Total Crushing blade assembly
  • 4-blade assembly
  • Dough blade
  • It can handle anything from juicing to food processing, frozen blending to dough mixing
  • Gives you full-sized blender performance and one-touch pulsing for maximum control


  • This is a great blender, extremely durable and easy to use.
  • This seems to be a very well built machine. Durable and strong. We were surprised at how solidly it feels and responds to the demands of making cole slaw and fruit smoothies. We really enjoy the two blending cups for drinks as well as the two major attachments for dough making and other blending/food processing activities.
  • I was in the market for a new food processor…one with a larger capacity than I already had. I looked at many different brands and models and settled on the Ninja Supr Kitchen system and got, not only a new food processor, but a new Blender and so much more, too! It’s a powerful little machine and I couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to making some smoothies.
  • The blades are extra sharp. The ice crushing technology works exactly how its supposed to. It blends just about everything I have tried to put in it. I love that the blade goes all the way through the blender not just the bottom. Couldn’t have made a better choice in product.
  • My wife and I bought the Ninja Supra Kitchen System recently because we wanted to start making healthy smoothies. It does that very well! We haven’t yet tried its other functions, but don’t expect to be disappointed when we do. This is a quality product!
  • I use it very early in the morning to make my breakfast shakes and granted it is loud, but I only have to blend everything for a total of 4 seconds and then I’m done. Whatever I put in there gets blended so fast and thoroughly.
  • Was interested in getting a juicer/blender for a diet program for the husband. So far we’ve had it for 2 days and are impressed with the machine. Clean-up is simple enough even he can do it, coming clean with a simple rinse with hot water. We’ve only used the juice/blending option w/ the 72oz bucket but have no complaints. EXTREMELY happy with the safety features that do not allow machine to be turned on w/o the container being secured or if the lid is not on and closed completely. Machine has plenty of horsepower and chops thru all types of fruits/veggies w/o struggling in the least. The suction cup feet locking system also works flawlessly. Interested to see how this works as a dough maker and food processor, but this multi-function machine has already made more counter space by removing my blender and food processor from the kitchen. 5* rating not given simply because we haven’t tried all the functions of the machine yet, but we both feel that we got our money’s worth from this purchase.
  • Was not satisfied at all. Too bulky, puts too much air in shakes. I just was not satisfied with it.