Mr. Q. Cumber Cucumber Soda 7 oz (Pack of 24)

Mr. Q. Cumber Cucumber Soda 7 oz (Pack of 24)

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Soda lovers can enjoy a unique carbonated beverage with the Mr. Q Cumber Cucumber Soda. This refreshing cucumber beverage, 7 oz, packs a great deal of natural cucumber in each bottle. Many soda lovers looking for an all-natural beverage that is not too sweet but still delivers full flavor will enjoy this sparkling cucumber-flavored Q Soda, 200ml, pack of 24.

Mr. Q. Cumber Cucumber Soda:

  • All natural
  • Great taste


Ingredients: Sparkling Filtered Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid And Natural Cucumber Flavor. Pasteurized.


  • Great mixer for a summer citrus cooler. Add citrus rum, lime juice and a little mojito syrup and you have a sit-by-the-pool, refreshing adult beverage.
  • My husband & son love this stuff. We can’t find it anywhere but WALMART online! Great price & excellent packaging. Thanks WALMART.!!!
  • Mr. Cucumber is a nice change from drinking soda or juice. It is very refreshing and it also goes well with some alcoholic beverages.
  • This delicious soda comes in a small 7 oz bottle – just right to quench one’s thirst. It arrives within days of ordering from Walmart – the price can be high – it seems to fluctuate between orders. I haven’t found this product in shops yet – Walmart has the best online value, especially if you order two boxes and get free shipping. Highly recommended for the taste – no bitterness that you might expect with cucumber – guess it’s all that sugar!
  • Excellent, but too expensive, especially for a 7 ounce sparkling soda.
  • I enjoy this cucumber drink because it is not overly sweet and has a subtle cucumber flavor. It quenches the thirst nicely. Best when very cold.
  • Great beverage, especially for cocktails. I had my first Mr. Q Cumber at an upscale bar in downtown Minneapolis. Mix with gin or vodka, slice of lime and mint sprig and you have a refreshing summer drink. Unbelievable cucumber flavor, like eating one fresh from your garden, yet better. It is great on the rocks, too. You won’t be disappointed in the flavor. Good stuff worth the price.
  • Ordered this over 2 weeks ago and it still hasnt arrived. I’m pretty sure it’s never going to come.
Mr. Q. Cumber Cucumber Soda: All naturalGreat taste
Brand: Mr. QMerchant: Walmart US