Monster Core Power 350 3-Outlet Surge Protector White

Monster Core Power 350 3-Outlet Surge Protector White

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With 3 surge-protected outlets offering 540 joules of protection, this Monster Core Power 350 121886-00 surge protector shields your equipment from damage caused by unexpected power spikes. EMI/RFI filtration ensures quiet performance.

540-joule power rating

Absorbs a high amount of energy to adequately protect your equipment and prolong the life of the unit.

3 surge-protected outlets

Safeguard your office equipment against damage caused by power spikes.

EMI/RFI noise filter

Protects against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference on power lines that can interfere with equipment performance and cause memory loss.

2 USB ports

Make it easy to charge your compatible mobile devices and help guard against power surges.

Fire Proof technology

Promotes safe use.

Wall-mount design

For flexible placement options.

Rugged construction

Ensures durability.

Monster $75,000 connected equipment guarantee.


  • This surge protector is exactly what I was looking for. Had the right number of plug in ports, liked the looks of it.
  • I needed something that would act as a surge protector on my new washer, and as a bonus I can charge my phone while working in the basement.
  • I bought two of these. One for my home and one for my office at work. They are very useful in both locations.
  • We installed this awesome surge protector with USB chargers to replace the standard outlet installed on our kitchen island!!
  • It works the way it’s supposed to…I think although I doubt you never really know if it works until a power surge actually happens. With that said, it fits in well in its socket and has a nice simple design.
  • haven’t had a power event since purchasing so can’t assess the protection. the USB outlets are convenient. In one use, I have a switch adjacent to the two outlets where the Monster Core Surge Protector is plugged in. It’s a little wide and leans against the switch.
  • We like the 3 way jacks and the usb port when was this use full 10 years ago
  • I mounted this easily on my outlet. It is great for connecting USB chords for charging and using additional outlets without wasting space.
  • I like it because it covers the entire Outlet and I don’t have to worry about friends and family not plugging into it. Have lost devices to a surge before because a family member didn’t use the power strip…
  • Now since everything needs surge protection its so nice to have the ability to essentially turn receptacles into surge protectors WITHOUT the cord and strip, nice & compact.
  • I came to get an outlet because I need something to help me plug more into. It was a perfect and I was able to choose the color so it matched everything. The only downfall was it to was to bulky. Maybe something thinner next time
  • Failed on first use protected correct amp and voltage . Brought it home did not work here either Save your money
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