Mainstays Willow Springs Umbrella Base Pewter Finish

Mainstays Willow Springs Umbrella Base Pewter Finish

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Relax on your patio or deck in comfort thanks to the Mainstays Umbrella Base. Ideal for creating a shaded ambiance, this subtle support can complement almost any style of outdoor furniture. Enjoy the fresh air while staying protected from the sun with this convenient willow spring patio umbrella base for your existing umbrella. Mainstays Umbrella Base:

  • Steel bar design
  • Side screw-tightening fixture
  • Corrosion-resistant black umbrella base


  • the willow springs umbrella base has weight to it and was easy to assembly, so should hold the umbrella easy .
  • Love our new action umbrella. Very good quality, can very quickly.
  • I ordered two of these Umbrella Stands!! They are great!! I love them!! They are just like they described them to be!!!!
  • his product was just want I wanted. Nice and heavy and a great price.
  • It is sturdy and heavy to properly hold a large unbrella. Very nice touch!
  • It looks good under the table and holds the umbrella very well.
  • Very nice umbrella stand. It matches our outdoor table and chairs perfectly. Not super heavy but it does the job and we like it much better than one you fill with water or sand.
  • We purchased this stand to go with the matching Mainstays umbrella, and it really looks good when fully assembled. After being in wind that was not very strong for a few days, the bottom of the base loosened up and became wobbly. I contacted Customer Support and was told that this stand is designed only for patio umbrellas which are supported by a hole in the table, and could not hold a free standing umbrella. Well, I proved them wrong! First we purchased four 10″ tent stakes from Walmart (along with a rubber mallet), and then went to Home Depot and purchased a tube of LocTite Permanent Weld thread sealant (red) for about $7). After giving the threads of the supplied bolts a thorough soaking in the product, we assembled the stand and tightened the bolts as tight as possible. Then after letting the “weld” cure for a day, we placed the stand off the porch in a ‘dirt’ area and anchored it to the ground firmly with the four tent stakes. It’s been over a week now, and the base still is holding firm and the bolts show no sign of loosening at all. Success! So, for less than $20 additional cost, we greatly improved the functionality of what is really a very good looking umbrella stand.
  • The base is beautifully made, but it is not durable at all, rusted after 3 months and will leave rust spots where you put it.
Mainstays Umbrella Base: Steel bar designSide screw-tightening fixtureCorrosion-resistant black umbrella base
Brand: MainstaysMerchant: Walmart US