Mainstays 20″ Box Fan Black

Mainstays 20″ Box Fan Black

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Stay cool with the Mainstays 20″ Box Fan, Black. The sleek black color will look great in a room, office, garage, or basement. This fan features 3-Speed Settings that will control the air flow to meet your comfort level. The unit is window safe. There are built-in feet and cord storage for your convenience.


  • This fan seems well built, size is right, moves the air, like the three noticeably different speeds but it is too much noise for me. I notice the noise even before I enter the room it is in and have had to turn up the volume of the TV in that room a bit to hear over the fan. That said, I am sixty-eight years old and probably being overly critical of something just because it is a change in my living enviroment.
  • This fan has one of the most efficient multi blade designs for velocity. The design is similar to the early eighties Lakewood fan blade design that was the most powerful of all plastic bladed fans. Its all plastic consruction makes it very lighweight without sacrificing strength or durability However I have not figured out how to remove the grills for cleaning the fan. Removed the one single screw at the bottom but grill halves still do not seperate without the feeling that you are going to break something
  • I grew up on the south side of Chicago in a house with no air conditioning. Zero. None. Not even a window unit. I was never surprised that my father was too cheap to spring for central a/c. That’s expensive. I get it. But what surprised me was that – even though dad had somehow rigged the meter so he got neaarly free electricity – he wouldn’t even pony up for a couple of decent window units. But no… he never did, and so we had to make do with a series of box fans throughout the house. We usually put them in windows, lifting the fram up and jamming the fan in as best we could. The switch always got in the way. Unless we turned the fan on its side, which just seemed.. weird. But that was a long time ago and it’s been years since I owned or needed a box fan. Until now. Recently I moved out to Indiana, renting a decent one-bedroom apartment. Like the house I grew up in, the building doesn’t have central a/c either, making do with a wall-mounted a/c instead. The supplied air conditioning works well enough… as long as you don’t leave the room where it’s mounted. But since I prefer to sleep in my bedroom rather than on the couch (I did enough of that while I was married), I needed something to cool the bedroom, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I could have bought a small window a/c, but that wasn’t in the budget. I figured instead that maybe just having a decent sized fan to move the cold air from teh living room down to the bedroom might be enough to stretch the a/c I already have. A quick trip to WalMart gave me several options. I could buy a stand fan, a smaller desk fan or something bigger and suitable for floor use. After a quick glance at the available options, I settled on this fan for less than $20. I chose purple, since my girlfriend seems to like that color. The fan was easy to set up. Absolutely no assembly required – simply remove it from the box, rotate the feet as the little arrows on the bottom show and set it down on the floor. I pulled the cord from its storage area molded into the bottom corner of the frame, plugged it in and turned the convenient, front-mounted speedn control. The fan spun to life and moved air pretty well, especially for a large fan at this price point. The only downfall I could see was that it was fairly loud – easily drowning out the wall-mounted a/c in the other room. Imagine the sound of a swarm of bees – angry, plastic bees – and you have some idea what this thing sounds like. Try putting it on carpeting to dampen the noise somewhat and enjoy the breeze.
  • I bought two of these fans (one blue and one purple) at my local Walmart. They are wonderful. The feet are attached and rotate if you want to put the fan in the window. Other fans have removable feet that always break and then you can only use the fan if you put it in a window. I’ve been using them nonstop since I bought them. I decided to look online to see if that had other colors. They are a little loud but they aren’t as loud as the other box fan I have. I would recommend these fans to everyone!!
  • Very quiet, but yet pretty powerful compared to other Lasko fans I’ve purchased. I like the black color much better to. Great value for the $!
  • can’t open it to clean filth from the inside moves air just fair nothing special all plastic i’ll never by anything mainstays again very expensive for what i got
For quality ventilation in any indoor area, the Lasko B20401 Decor Colors 20 In. Box Fan - Black is a great choice.
Brand: LaskoMerchant: Air & Water
The Holmes; 20-Inch Box Fan in Black features a removable front grill for easy cleaning and an integrated cord storage. This 20" box fan provides a wide area of coverage to give you the cooling relief...
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The Holmes 20 in- Box Fan in Black features a removable front grill for easy cleaning and an integrated cord storage- This 20 in- box fan provides a wide area of coverage to give you the cooling relie...
The Holmes 20-Inch Box Fan in Black features a removable front grill for easy cleaning and an integrated cord storage. This 20 box fan provides a wide area of coverage to give you the cooling relief t...
Contemporary box fan has designed to offer powerful airflow during the hot summer months Control: 3 speed settings Dimensions: 20 1/2H x 20 1/2W x 3 3/4D, 20 blade
Merchant: Staples

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