Maglite ML300L-S3016 625-Lumen Maglite LED ML300L Flashlight

Maglite ML300L-S3016 625-Lumen Maglite LED ML300L Flashlight

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The Maglite ML300L-S3016 625-Lumen LED Flashlight provides you with a reliable, powerful lighting option for outdoor use. It delivers up to 625 lumens on high and 130 lumens on low setting. This Maglite flashlight uses energy-efficient D-cell LED lights.
Maglite ML300L-S3016 625-Lumen Maglite LED ML300L Flashlight:

  • 625 Lumens on high, 130 Lumens on low
  • High/low/eco modes
  • Quick-click mode selector
  • D-cell LED Maglite flashlight
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • I used my Savings Catcher bucks to get this great flashlight. WM had the best price I could find. Ordered online and picked up at the store- free shipping. Couldn’t be easier.
  • I was replacing a big Maglite that I had for many years. I first tried the Coast HP550, and then the big rechargeable Bushnell. Neither performed up to expectations. I had ignored the Maglites on display at walmart, thinking them to be no better than the one I was replacing. Finally I checked out this one, and decided to give it a try. I wondered how a flashlight that only had 625 lumens of power could claim to have a range of 400 meters, when a Coast with over 1000 lumens could not do it. That night when I tried it out, I was surprised to see that the Maglite claims were right on the money. It shines like a spotlight on a tree that is 320 feet from my house, and lights up a waterpower that is 1220 feet from my house. Those measurements were done on google earth. Plus I love having a thumb switch back, instead of the tail switch that requires two-handed operation. And made in the USA, unlike the Coast and Bushnell flashlights.
  • I have owned many Maglite flashlights over the the years and this is the brightest one. Like the others, it is built to last.
  • This is my second Maglight. It replaces one I had for over 10 years. It was replaced under the company’s lifetime guarantee so it was a free purchase. Not many companies offer this type of guarantee so you unless you loose it you really only purchase one in your lifetime. Highly recommend
  • This was a gift for my husband and he said he loves it. It is a great value because we won’t be spending money on cheap flashlights. It’s solid and built to last. It has LED and lots of options for use. Worth every penny!
  • I’m impressed with this flashlight. The different modes allow me to pick the setup for whatever situation…as bright as I need, extended run or a combination of both. Happy!
  • I own an original Mag 3-D for years, its was by far my favourite flashlight. Decided to treat myself to a 3-Gen 625 lumen mag, figured its got to be best out there since I loved the first one it can’t disappoint. Boy I was wrong. Right out of the box I noticed no “ML-300” engraving, but figured who cares lets see the light. Took in my hands , the rotation of the head of the flashlight felt short and not nearly as snug as the first one and way more limited zoom rotation, its smaller in size then the old one , they must have saved on the mechanism on the head . Neither the push button seams as solid as before .Felt cheap, no were near the quality of first one. The light is bright but so are plenty of other cheap flashlights. Over all, a great disappointment , will return it today!
Enjoy the extended battery life of this Mag-Lite flashlight. With multiple modes, an output of up to 625 lumens and run time of up to 117 hours, it provides reliable lighting in any activity or emerge...
Brand: MagLiteMerchant: Best Buy
625 lumens on high, 130 lumens on low High/low/eco modes Quick-Click mode selector D-cell LED Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
625 lumens 1332ft beam distance Momentary/full power/low power/eco/strobe modes
Merchant: Staples
Maglite ML300L-S306 Flashlight, Black, whether you are a professional using a flashlight for work or security, an outdoor enthusiast, or an occasional user wanting it for emergencies at home or on the...
Merchant: RedsGear