Magic Loft Mattress Topper

Magic Loft Mattress Topper

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The Magic Loft Mattress Topper is the ideal way to give additional loft and comfort to your mattress. It also helps to add an extra dimension of fashion and sophistication to your bedroom decor. This ultra-soft 200-thread count, 100-percent cotton mattress topper has been designed to increase the comfort factor of your mattress. It has row upon row of individually-quilted squares, which have been filled by hand with precisely 7 ounces of Perfect Puff polyester fiberfill each. The end result is a Magic Loft Mattress Topper that is super-soft and luxurious. This product is large enough to fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick. The Magic mattress topper has a smooth, all-natural finish that helps you slip easily into a deep, relaxing sleep. It is designed to complement most, if not all, types of bedroom decor with its simple yet classy design. This item is machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Use it not only for its high functionality, but also for its elegance.

Magic Loft Mattress Topper:

  • Increases the loft and comfort of your existing mattress
  • Ultra-smooth, 200-thread count 100 percent cotton mattress topper
  • Features rows upon rows of individually-quilted squares, each hand-stuffed with 7 oz of Perfect Puff polyester fiberfill
  • Fits mattresses up to 15″ thick
  • Care instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry
  • Super-soft and luxurious white mattress pad topper
  • Smooth, all-natural finish
  • Designed to dramatically increase the comfort factor of your bed
  • Also designed to help ensure you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes


Fabric Care Instructions: Tumble Dry;Machine Wash


  • Excellent product i can recomended this item to any one want to buy
  • This mattress topper is really nice and has made a big difference in the comfort of my bed. I sleep much better since putting this on…I would recommend this topper to anyone looking to improve the comfort of their mattress.
  • Magic Loft Mattress Pad If you are looking to revamp your mattress and change your sleeping habits for less than the cost of a new mattress, this may be the product you are looking for. I bought this product three months ago and have been getting a better night’s rest ever since! The Magic Loft Mattress Pad gives you a more restful sleep by cushioning your body, and by providing a quiet and non-slip solution. You also don’t lose sleep over spending a fortune on other possible resolutions! It is no secret that everyone operates better on a good night’s sleep. People sleep, on average, one third of their lives, so the importance of quality sleep cannot be stressed enough. For those of you who have sleep disruptions, back problems, or other aches and pains that prevent you from getting a better night’s sleep, I would highly recommend this product to you. The Magic Loft Mattress Pad is full of fluffy pillows that cushion your body while also providing the same support of your mattress. The elastic, fitted sheet like cover fits snug onto a standard size mattress. The cloth material provides quiet comfort, making no noise when you adjust your body. It is also less expensive than a typical mattress pad and much less expensive than buying a totally new mattress, providing you with peace of mind. I have noticed, however, that the cushions become somewhat flatter with use, but this can be fixed by just taking the pad off periodically and shaking it out. Doing this makes it just as fluffy and comfortable as the first day I put it on. Since buying this mattress pad, I have noticed I am more alert during the day and able to concentrate on whatever task is at hand. I feel better at work and I have the energy to keep going even when I get home. With two small children, it is important that I have the ability to keep up! Now I feel comfortable enough at night that I am not consistently waking up with the even the smallest disturbances. If you are struggling with getting the quality of sleep you need, I truly hope you find whatever solution works best for you. As for me, this mattress pad makes my bed feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. I am looking forward to many more nights of restful sleep, and so should you!
  • I have had wonderful nights of slumber in this product. It is very ascetically pleasing and made my bed look like one in a luxury hotel suite. The siding is an elastic material and stretches quite easily over my 11″ mattress. The topper is quite soft and comfortable. I also got the matching pillows and they went perfectly with the mattress topper.
  • The amount of fiber fill in each pocket on this mattress topper is insufficient for creating a soft pillow like topper. I would compare the amount of fiber fill in each pocket to the small cheep toys you can win at a county fair. All together it is nothing more than a cheaply made quilted topper that will not add any comfort to the mattress it covers.
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