Luma Comfort EC220W High Power Evaporative Cooler

Luma Comfort EC220W High Power Evaporative Cooler

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The Luma Evaporative Cooler, EC220W is designed to bring instant cooling to areas up to 650 square feet in size. As it cools your air, it also filters out airborne particles for cleaner air and increased effectiveness. The largest and most powerful model in the Luma Comfort evaporative cooler line, it draws air from outside and uses a powerful blower to push it through three water-saturated, rigid cooling pads. It also uses up to 80 percent less energy than an air conditioner. This heavy-duty cooler has air vents on three sides, a large water tank and a powerful blower design for enhanced performance. A direct water line connection is included for ease of use. This Luma evaporative air cooler can also be used to add moisture to a dry environment. It would make an economical and eco-friendly choice for a home, office, school or other building. This heavy-duty cooler comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Luma Comfort EC220W High Power Evaporative Cooler:

  • Cools larger areas up to 650 sq ft
  • The evaporative air cooler is designed for durability and will not corrode or crack
  • Uses high-efficiency cooling pads
  • 10.6 gal water tank
  • Uses high-efficiency cooling pads
  • Air vents on three sides of the unit for more cooling
  • Adds moisture to dry environments
  • Powerful blower design with widespread oscillation
  • Includes a direct water line connection
  • Economical and eco-friendly evaporative air cooler
  • This heavy-duty cooler comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great for a home, school or office


  • I really love my cooler, it has been the best money I’ve spent in a long time
  • Our Luma evaporative cooler has served us well in a rather unconventional usr—to keep our laying hens cool during the south Texas summers—will certainly buy another one whenever the occassion arises.
  • I recently purchased this unit after receiving a shockingly large electricity bill. I had heard several co-workers rave about their evap coolers and I was eager to try it out. I have a smaller house and this cooler has no problem keeping the entire house around 78 degrees. It’s a little noisy but works wonders.
  • We are starting to warm up here in AZ and I’m so glad to have this cooler! It cools the hottest part of our home fast, I love that its on wheels and I can move it to where I want it. Only drawbacks are its size and its a bit noisy, but I’ll take that any day over being hot! Definitely worth the purchase!
  • I love our Evap cooler! We live in Flagstaff AZ and homes are not equiped with AC, which makes summers very hot! It could get up to the 90’s in our home last June! We’ve had our unit for a week and we are loving it! It cools very fast too. I’ve noticed a 5 degree temperature difference in just 20 minutes of use each time I turn it on. I know our summers are going to be very comfortable now.
  • Living in Salt Lake City means that it is hot and dry the majority of the year. This evaporative cooler is EXACTLY what we needed. I love that it is mobile so we can move it wherever we need it. We’ve just built a home gym in our garage, and this works AWESOMELY for keeping us from getting overheated. We also have used it on our patio during a barbecue so that we and our guests were comfortable. It is incredible the IMMEDIATE difference you can feel in the air when you use it. Highly recommended!
  • Living in the desert means that it is hot and dry a lot. This product is EXACTLY what we needed. It is super easy to move it wherever we need it. From our home gym in the garage to our patio for bbqs, this works AWESOMELY for keeping us from getting overheated. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • “Waist of money” I bought one on Fri, May 16, 2014 and it has been a big $400.00 fan in my living room. 1. The wheels are super weak and cannot hold the unit full of water without crumbling under the weight. 2. Extremely noisy. 3. The Water pump only worked for just a couple of months and it simply died. It took the process of getting a new unit more than a month. 4. The new unit arrived, but it was my own first wheels crumbled, broken water pump unit which I shipped back to get a new one, but when I sent this unit back it was clean. They returned the unit with greasy black fingerprints all over the unit. 5. I called and They shipped me a new one right away within a couple of days WOW, I said to myself. 6. The new unit flooded my living room. It leaks. Hello Customer Care, I have not heard from you. It has been a long time since I sent you the email on Oct 6th and made a phone call to you notifying you of the problem with this unit. This unit can not be operated with it leaking. It is a problem and this is the third try. The first unit’s water pump quit after only a couple of months. The second unit was the return of the first unit with wheels inoperative. The third unit has a hole in the back and it leaks. Response time to this problem has taken just too long. It seems like I am not able to get a decent working unit to enjoy. I am requesting to send this unit back and you credit the purchase price. Thank you Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 11:44 AM I am very sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I have not heard back from my technician I will follow up with him again today. We do not credit units back, if you would like a refund you would need to contact the dealer you purchased your unit from. Sincerely, Customer Care
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Cools areas up to 650 sq. ft. Economical and eco-friendly cooling Large 10.6-gallon tank
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