Linksys Velop AC4400 Whole Home WiFi 2-Pack

Linksys Velop AC4400 Whole Home WiFi 2-Pack

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Velop is a high performing modular WiFi system built with Dynamic Tri-Band technology that works seamlessly to create a high-range mesh network. Unlike traditional routers with range extenders, Velop’s Tri-Band WiFi mesh system provides WiFi throughout your entire home without lag or buffering. Velop Nodes work with all home types, and each one increases WiFi range 2,000 square feet so you can add more to growing mesh network. Nodes work together as one mesh system, giving you a single WiFi name and password, and the freedom of not having to switch networks. Compact, and sleek in design, nodes can be placed in open spaces without unsightly connected cables and works with Amazon Alexa.
Linksys Velop AC4400 Whole Home WiFi, 2-Pack:

  • Home-Friendly Design: Beautifully designed with hidden connections and a footprint that is 88 percent smaller than traditional routers
  • Simple App-led Setup: Intuitively easy setup with the Linksys App
  • Dynamic Tri-Band Whole Home WiFi: Tri-Band technology dynamically changes to ensure and deliver blazing fast, seamless WiFi to all devices
  • One Network with 100 Percent Seamless WiFi: Runs on 1 WiFi mesh network to deliver a 100 percent full-strength signal without interruption
  • 3-Year Warranty and 24/7 Consumer Care: 3-Year Warranty and 3 Years of Free Technical Support
  • Integrated Amazon “Alexa” voice commands: Amazon Alexa enables you to interact with Velop using your voice
  • WiFi AC2200 (867Mbps + 867Mbps + 400Mbps) with mu-mimo
  • Beamforming for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Includes 2 Linksys Velop, 1 Ethernet cable, 2 power adapters, quick start guide, printed documentation


  • I want to provide a non-techy review here. Clearly, a Wire Mesh network is vastly superior to wifi extenders. It is expensive but it works very well. We have eliminated speed issues throughout a 6K square foot home. It nicely provides adequate speed outside the house in near proximity. The downside is the app is limited and there needs to be better tutorials for average person to set up. For instance, save yourself a troubleshooting call with support by using a new unique name and password for your system. This was not clear in any instructions. Also, there was little to no information on whether to leverage bridge mode. I’m not high tech and needed to do some research to understand it would benefit me. There should be tutorial videos on You Tube to address these kinds of issues. Also, not clear whether Channel Finder is automatic or whether it must be triggered by user in the app. We get quirky speeds sometimes and I have to invoke channel finder to optimize the speed. This should be automatic for this price tag. Lastly, competitors seem to have a sleeker, nicer design. I believe that Linksys solution is slightly superior in technology but less than competition in design of the box. Still all in all, it solves the access and speed problems.
  • Really easy to set didn’t take more than 30 minutes. Works great with strong WIFI throughout my home and yard. Very happy. Previously had Linksys 6900 and a extender which did not cover my 2600 sqft home.
  • I just bought the 3 tower Velop system to solve a problem I was having with spotty wifi in a large house (4,000 sq ft). I had a great router but it was located in the back of my house which gave me very poor wifi in the front because it was too far away. I added an extender but now it created a secondary wifi network xxxx-5G-EXT that you would have to make sure you logged in to when in the front portion. It was a pain. This new Velop system gives me uninterrupted service through all 4,000 square feet under the same network name with no loss in signal strength. I thought it was a bit expensive but it was worth every dime. If you have a big house, BUY IT!
  • I have a large house and have struggled with dead spots and bad connections for years with my Comcast router. When the mesh systems came out, I did a lot of research and decided on the Linksys bundle. I’m glad I did. No matter what corner of the house you are in, I now have a good fast connection that never drops.
  • I bought the two pack of Velop for my home. My house is roughly 2300 sq ft and so a standard router would fill the house with a signal, just not a very strong one in certain areas. The modem is in a corner of the house and my hand room is the exact opposite corner, with my last router i would be getting around 18Mbs internet in my room – which isn’t terrible – then i try again with my new velop and WOW! 170+ Mbs. my internet plan via cox is only 150! these things are SO fast. i do have one issue. for some reason i experience PING SPIKES EVERY DAY!! i’m a hue gamer. and when my ping spikes from 52ms up to 2000 it ruins me playing online with my ps4. this happens randomly and it for a split second. but it’s enough to get me killed in FPS online games. still though. i wouldn’t ever want to go back to a standard router, this velop is serious power.
  • I bought this a month ago after reading reviews on how easy it was to set up and use. True to the review, it was a breeze to set up and use the app to connect all three together. The speed is great and i am very happy with it.
  • I purchased the Velop wifi system, 2 packs of 2, and it does not function as advertised. My wifi strength fluctuates from the middle of my top speed range to no signal at all constantly throughout the day.